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Recovery from drug or alcohol addiction is a lifelong journey. Substances change neural pathways in ways that can affect people for years. As a result, many people struggling with addiction will experience cravings long after they have stepped away from substance abuse. For a healthy recovery, it’s important to find a supportive addiction treatment program. This includes the process of transitioning from rehab back into the real world. 

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As the mind and body continue to adjust to living without substances while in rehab, individuals attend addiction therapy and skill sessions. 

Inpatient treatment programs are great at providing treatment for severe addictions. Yet, it’s not for guiding patients as they transition from rehab back into regular society. There are rehab programs that provide some level of guidance without 24/7 support. These programs are intensive outpatient programs, otherwise known as IOPs. 

What is an Intensive Outpatient Program?

When most people think about rehab, they imagine an inpatient facility where people spend several weeks in a controlled environment. The boundaries within an inpatient addiction treatment program allow patients to focus on recovery. That said, every rehab patient eventually needs to transition into real world. For rehab patients to receive moderate-level addiction treatment services while simultaneously functioning in the real world, they’ll need to attend an intensive outpatient program (IOP).  

Providing a Continuum of Care

For most people, the addiction recovery journey begins with medical detox. After that, the next step is checking into a rehab clinic. As the mind and body continue to adjust to living without substances while in rehab, individuals attend addiction therapy and skill sessions. 

These therapy and skill sessions are meant to help rehab patients discover what their addiction triggers are. The therapy and skills sessions are also meant to help rehab patients learn positive ways to cope with their addiction triggers. 

An outpatient form of addiction treatment, such as an IOP program, allows rehab patients to attend addiction therapy and skills sessions. Also, it allows them to tend to their work and home life responsibilities in the real world. Another benefit is that they give rehab patients the opportunity to test out coping mechanisms and life skills. This will best help them maintain sobriety in their real lives while still receiving support from therapists. 

These debriefs can help therapists in their development of relapse prevention strategies overall. Individuals that attend outpatient forms of addiction treatment go to rehab facilities multiple times a week for a set amount of time to receive addiction counseling services and skill-building classes. 

Help for a Less Severe Addiction

Not every client requires inpatient care. While some people don’t always recognize that they have a drug use problem, others do.

The people that do discover that they have drug use problems early on might have made that discovery due to a family history of addiction or due to a minor life setback that came about while under the influence. Regardless of how they made their early discoveries, an IOP program may best suit their addiction treatment needs.  

Advantages of Our IOP Program in Pennsylvania

Several benefits come with participating in outpatient forms of treatment such as an IOP. An inpatient program cuts you off from the outside world. This exclusion is necessary so that you can focus completely on getting better. However, you can become dependent on the facility and its staff for wellness in the process. Our goal here at Little Creek is to get you back into your regular life that’s free from addiction as soon as possible.

In an intensive outpatient program, there are still some restrictions on time. Those in an IOP program spend several hours at rehab facilities, a few days every week. Still, IOP patients can sometimes continue to hold a job and take care of their family responsibilities while receiving treatment. 

One advantage of the IOP program is that families can also be involved in some treatment sessions. This allows people to reconnect with supportive relationships and apply the strategies that they learned in rehab to stressful situations.

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Intensive Outpatient Treatments and Services

Rehab patients who have gone through a regimen of inpatient treatment will recognize the format of many of the outpatient sessions. However, the content of the sessions is shaped a bit differently. During outpatient treatment, the focus is on improving the patient’s life outside of the clinic. 

  • Life Skills: IOP program patients use their personal stories to learn real-world life skills. Life skills training might include how to improve upon communication, how to deal with stress through mindfulness, and how to adopt a healthy lifestyle.
  • Individual Counseling: Therapists continue to help IOP program patients work through underlying issues. Also, through individual counseling during IOPs, rehab patients can learn from their present-day experiences. Then,  they can develop proper coping strategies for the future.
  • Relapse Prevention: People in intensive outpatient programs for substance misuse can learn how to recognize their addiction triggers and then avoid them. Through relapse prevention, IOP rehab patients work with the 12-step philosophy to see how it applies to their daily lives.

Receive A Partner During Your Addiction Recovery Journey By Attending Our Intensive Outpatient Programs 

Here at Little Creek Lodge, we specialize in helping our patients free themselves from their addictions. We can provide this service by giving our patients a safe space for them to be open about their addiction recovery journeys. 

Due to such honesty and openness, we can help our patients improve on how they cope with addiction triggers. The motivation that you bring to rehab as a patient combined with our addiction treatment knowledge and skills, will set you on the path from addiction to recovery. 

If you are looking for a quality IOP program in the Wayne County area of Pennsylvania for yourself or a loved one, look no further than Little Creek Recovery. 

While the inpatient rehab programs here at Little Creek Recovery are for men only, all of our outpatient forms of addiction treatment are co-ed. Therefore, anyone can take advantage of our high-quality outpatient rehab programs. 

To learn more about the IOP program and all of the other outpatient treatment programs here at Little Creek Recovery, contact us today! We would love to hear from you!

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