Where can you find a Pennsylvania State licensed rehab facility for 16 beds? None other than here at Little Creek Lodge. Little Creek Lodge addresses the needs of adult men seeking alcohol/drug addiction treatment in residential or extended care settings. Operating a small facility allows us to get to know each of our clients and their respective families on an intimate level. This, in turn, affords us the ability to discern and address all of the intricacies of each case. It’s because of our small and intimate nature and our beautiful, quaint location here in Pennsylvania that we call our recovery facility a Lodge. If you compare the cost and quality of our care here at Little Creek to other rehab facilities, we are second to none.

Criteria for rehab admissions:

Potential Little Creek residents must meet certain criteria for rehab admissions. For example, all individuals admitting themselves into inpatient treatment at our facility must be adult males. They must also contain no risk of withdrawal symptoms from drugs or alcohol. This means that you should have already completed detox before trying to admit yourself into rehab here.  

All incoming Little Creek residents will also need to have medical clearance to participate in one of our rehab programs. Medical conditions or handicaps may interfere with program activities, making residents ineligible for rehab admissions. 

All incoming Little Creek residents are required to be motivated. Thus, incoming residents must accept a 24-hour structured setting and agree to participate in our inpatient program for 30-90 days. All incoming inpatient residents must also complete our 3 Stages of Treatment before discharge.

Special limitations for individuals will be noted upon rehab admissions. Thus, our staff will make sure to cater to special needs relating to any allergies, bee sting allergies or reactions, special food accommodations, needed medications, etc. 

Once again, all incoming Little Creek residents must complete detox before entering rehab at our facility. If you have not completed detox yet, you must at least be willing to be referred to a detox facility or be medically cleared by a physician to begin rehab before entry. 

Rehab admissions here at Little Creek also require that all incoming residents be ambulatory and capable of self-care. You must also be able to participate in all recreational programming

Non-Discrimination Policy At Little Creek Recovery

Little Creek’s policy is to accept all individuals who meet the established criteria regardless of race, color, national origin, religion, and sexual orientation. It’s important to note though that we here at Little Creek Lodge may not have a Spanish-speaking staff member. So consider that when deciding if you can handle receiving rehab at our facility.

Rehab admissions:

Ultimately, we here at Little Creek Lodge are here to help individuals improve their lives by achieving recovery. As a smaller rehab facility that puts effort into every individual patient, we’re committed to building a strong recovery foundation for each man who enters one of our inpatient treatment programs. 

Here at Little Creek Recovery, we build this strong foundation through addiction therapy and the 12-step model. By incorporating the 12-step model in our rehab practices, we here at Little Creek make sure that we cater to not only the physical and mental needs of our patients but their spiritual needs as well. We specialize in catering to the spiritual paradigm. 

We do this through a combination of clinical and recreational therapies while having a holistic approach to recovery. That way we cater to each of our patient’s needs and treat every aspect of them. 

Music Therapy At Little Creek Lodge

One example of a unique and holistic form of addiction therapy that we specialize in here at Little Creek is music therapy. We even contain a music studio on our campus. The reason why we’ve made an effort to specialize in music therapy at our rehab facility is that we discovered how much it can quicken and improve the addiction recovery journeys of rehab patients. 

Through music therapy, not only do rehab patients gain a skill or interest that helps build their confidence, but they also gain a skill or interest that they can use to help them cope with addiction triggers in the real world once rehab is over. Music is also a universal language that can help people connect with themselves and others. Thus, through music therapy, our patients can improve their self-worth and communication skills. They can also get more in touch with their inner spirits. This is ideal as ultimately, we here at Little Creek seek to instill a renewed belief in self-worth and the spiritual center that lies at the heart of all 12 step programs. 

While rehab admissions into our inpatient treatment programs require that you be a male, we do offer co-ed outpatient rehab. Therefore, any woman seeking to take advantage of our intimate rehab programs can do so that way. 

Achieve Addiction Recovery Here at Little Creek Lodge

If you or a loved one needs help with overcoming a drug or alcohol addiction, please reach out to us. We promise we will help you in any way we can. Once you enter into the Little Creek family, we know you will feel the support, connection, and most of all, love that all men and their families feel upon rehab admissions at our addiction treatment facility. 

As we just mentioned, Little Creek Lodge is a family. Thus, every individual that becomes a part of our family is loved, valued, and respected. Receive the extra family support that you need to overcome alcohol and drug addiction here at Little Creek. Allow us to help you turn your addiction into recovery once and for all. 

For answers to any inquiries that you may have about Little Creek and the various, unique addiction treatment programs, therapies, and services that we offer, contact us today! The sooner you start the rehab admissions process here at Little Creek, the better!


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Little creek lodge is such an amazing place for people who want to make a serious change in their life. I’ve watched my loved one grow immensely through his recovery with the help of the caring staff and engaging programs. Adventure trek is always popular on the agenda!

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