Music and Identity: Addiction Recovery and Personal Development

“Own your identity. Love who you are in the world” – Nyle DiMarco

If a person has little or no identity, music can provide one for them. Our musical choices often are connected to our identity. Music is marketed by appealing to the consumer’s sense of identity. We use our music identity to evolve within our social groups. When someone is in recovery from drug or alcohol addiction, music can be heard differently. The associations or triggers need to be changed.

music and identity

At Little Creek Lodge, we want our residents to be empowered to become who they always wanted to be. We offer a safe and secure environment in Pennsylvania for our residents to take back control of their lives and identities and to experience the euphoria of creativity while living a sober lifestyle.

Why does music have the effect that it does on us?

Music lets us experience the energy that flows throughout the world. The psychological effects it has on us can include:

  • Empowerment
  • Feelings of euphoria
  • Acting in fantasy
  • Feeling less alone
  • Out-of-body experiences
  • Inducing nostalgia
  • Catharsis
  • Inducing laughter or tears
  • The expression of feelings, desires, or frustrations that cannot be put into other words easily

Influences on our experiences:

  • Environment – The mere presence of music changes the environment. It can transform a dull place into an exciting one.
  • Behavior – Dancing, making a connection with another person, or having an intimate moment.
  • Capability – Music improves our physical functioning and cognitive functioning. It gives us new tools for getting in touch with our feelings and communicating with others.
  • Beliefs – Lyrics can be a powerful way of exploring belief systems. Learning through music can change attitudes and open our eyes to new things.
  • Spirit – The highest level of all is the level of spirit. Music embraces a very personal connection in terms of how we hear things and what we listen for.

music and identityHow Can Music Help With Addiction Recovery?

Many people who suffer from addiction reach that point because their substance of choice provided them with feelings that they enjoyed and continued to chase. In most cases, it would be a feeling of euphoria or feeling high in some way.

Much in the same way that drugs and alcohol, can produce enjoyable feelings in the brain and body, so to can music. This is why music and music therapy have become so popular in addiction treatment. Music therapy has become one of the more popular activities for those who are in recovery to do once they have completed their treatment and gone back home.

Music is a great way to not only relax but also naturally release dopamine. This can be done by either:

  • Moving around to the music
  • Meditating with music playing in the background
  • Singing along to the music that is playing

Can Music Help Provide A Sense Of Identity?

Many people who suffer from addiction tend to find themselves struggling when it comes to identity. After all, many people change their entire way of life as a result of their addiction. They might lose friends or family members, or abandon hobbies that they used to enjoy, and they might even find themselves unemployed and homeless. They look in the mirror and simply don’t recognize themselves anymore.

music and recovery

Music is a great way to help someone rediscover themselves. Not only is it a great way to relax and release stress, but music can help someone look within themselves, whether they are creating the music or simply just listening to it. It’s also a great way for someone to express themselves and, in turn, feel better about themself, thus raising their self-esteem.

Music is also something that brings us together. A big part of a person’s overall identity is the people that they surround themselves with. Many people who suffer from addiction find themselves alone and alienated, oftentimes by their own doing. Music is a great way to build bonds and friendships whether it be people getting together to play music or even just sharing the common bond of liking the same band, song, or genre of music.

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Want To Know More About Music And Identity?

Your old identity may have been defined by your addictions, but your future need not be. At Little Creek Lodge in Pennsylvania, we help residents redefine themselves, and discover how to love, and be loved in return. We offer a variety of holistic healing methods, including music identity classes, to help those who are in recovery rediscover who they are and establish a new, sober identity. Please call 570-630-9354, or fill out our contact form to learn more about our program.

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