Continuum of Care at Little Creek Recovery

There are different stages of care that occur when one receives addiction treatment. The broken-down journey of care that rehab patients experience from the moment that they start receiving addiction treatment to the time that they complete treatment and go back home is referred to as the continuum of care.

Why Is a Continuum of Care Important?

The continuum of care is important because it adds transparency to the addiction treatment process. Such clarity makes receiving addiction treatment less scary for incoming patients. 

There are three key stages within the continuum of care for addiction treatment programs at Little Creek Recovery. These three stages of care include the admissions stage, the growth stage, and the personal development stage, and the preparation for the transition stage.

Stage 1: Admissions Stage

The admissions stage within the Little Creek Recovery continuum of care model focuses on different initial aspects of addiction treatment. Some of the specific things that Little Creek Recovery patients should expect to focus on while in the admissions stage of addiction treatment include:

  • Understanding what one needs to treat while in rehab
  • Acknowledging that addiction is a disease that requires treatment
  • The five stages of grief that individuals that are in the initial stages of receiving treatment may go through
  • Cross addiction
  • Recognizing that there is a higher power that can assist with the addiction treatment process
  • Learning how to be clear about one’s emotions
  • Learning how to live with others
  • Anger management
  • Coping skills
  • Reaction time

Stage 2: Growth and Personal Development Stage

During the growth and personal development stage of the continuum of care for addiction treatment, rehab patients will focus on changing their lives for the better. Rehab patients that are within this stage of treatment will also learn how to become better people. 

Examples of things that rehab patients at Little Creek Recovery often focus on during this second stage of care include:

  • Their fears, such as the fear of success
  • Their responsibilities
  • Critical thinking and problem solving
  • Addiction support groups like Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)
  • The ability to ask for assistance
  • Home visits and family integration
  • Letting go of past negative relationships
  • Planning for life after rehab
  • Employment and education
  • Spiritual growth

Stage 3: Preparing To Transition Stage

During this third and final stage within the continuum of care for addiction treatment at Little Creek Recovery, people should be comfortable with the addiction treatment program that they’re in. Individuals in this stage of our continuum of care model should also be ready to exhibit the lessons that they’ve learned in treatment. 

Some of the exact things that individuals in stage three of the Little Creek continuum of care program should be ready to do include:

  • Apply the newfound knowledge that they’ve learned
  • Give the newfound knowledge that they’ve learned away to others
  • Be able to be a community leader
  • Transition out of treatment and back into the real world
  • No longer be defensive
  • Live in the “here and now”
  • Actively move towards change
  • Exhibit spiritual growth
  • Accept change

Addiction Treatment At Little Creek Recovery

Every patient that enters our residential, all-male continuum of care here at Little Creek Recovery must be prepared to receive extended care in a 24-hour structured environment for 90 days. To make the treatment process easier on each patient, we here at Little Creek Recovery allow each patient the opportunity to create his own treatment plan goals and objectives with the assistance of our very own clinical team. 

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These treatment plan goals and objectives must be based on the results of a detailed biopsychosocial assessment that we provide each patient. Here at Little Creek, we also provide residents with a counselor that’s willing to work with them throughout the three stages of their continuum of care program.  

Levels of Care

Within our continuum of care, Little Creek Recovery also offers several levels of care. This helps to ensure that no patient leaves treatment before they are ready and capable of accomplishing their goals after treatment. 

These levels include:

  • Inpatient or Residential Care– This is the entry-level at Little Creek. It is a structured environment with 24-hour supervision. Residents live at the facility for 90 days and may move to a lower level when they are ready.
  • Outpatient Care Programs–During outpatient care, the individual lives at home and continues treatment at the facility. These programs are not for everyone. They are best for people who have supportive family members and employers, and for people who have completed inpatient treatment. Patients may also move through the levels of outpatient treatment programs.
  • Partial Hospitalization Program–This is the most intense outpatient program. 
  • Intensive Outpatient Program–The next level of care
  • General Outpatient Program–The lowest level of outpatient participation 

Aftercare At Little Creek Recovery

Individuals that complete their continuum of care can come back to our treatment center to receive extended individual counseling services once or twice a week if they choose. Little Creek even contains a sober living facility, known as Shane’s House, that newly recovered residents can live in if they feel that they need further assistance transitioning back into the real world after rehab. 

Complete the Continuum of Care for Addiction Treatment Here At Little Creek Recovery

Little Creek Recovery offers a supportive and structured environment for men who are in recovery. Here at Little Creek, our mission is to build a strong foundation of addiction treatment for our residents. This foundation integrates internalized recovery through therapeutic and 12-step models with a focus on the spiritual paradigm. 

Little Creek also focuses on a 12-step philosophy to addiction treatment and recovery in conjunction with reality-based therapies. We offer this philosophy with the primary objective of helping our residents manage their own daily recovery while accepting their diagnosis. 

To learn more about Little Creek Recovery and the various addiction treatment programs and services that we offer in our continuum of care program, contact us today! We would love to hear from you and help you achieve recovery from addiction once and for all!

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