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Every rehab facility is going to offer different levels of care, all of which will be best suited for people with different types of addiction. Once a person with a severe to moderate addiction comes to us, they are most often consulted to give partial hospitalization program rehab Pennsylvania a thought. At Little Creek Recovery, we strive to provide every person with the treatment plan that works best for their needs. If you wish to stay in the comfort of your own home yet have complete care and support, then you are going to love what our PHP treatment can do for you. Feel free to contact us and allow our professionals to help you choose the best program for your needs. partial hospitalization

Partial Hospitalization for Addiction Treatment – How Does it Work?

Partial hospitalization program (PHP) treatment is a form of outpatient rehab in Pennsylvania. PHP treatment involves addiction treatment for approximately five to eight hours a day, five to seven days a week. Partial hospitalization program treatment essentially requires its patients to attend rehab all day. Therefore, another name for PHP treatment is day treatment.

PHP treatment patients get to spend their evenings and nights in the comfort of their own homes. This is because partial hospitalization programs are outpatient treatment programs.  Thus, PHP patients can still tend to some of their external responsibilities. This is different from inpatient or men’s residential treatment in PA attendees who must live in a rehab facility 24/7 during treatment.

Partial hospitalization program rehab in Pennsylvania is the most serious form of outpatient treatment. Therefore, as mentioned earlier, it’s the most intensive and structured form of treatment following inpatient and residential treatment.

Individuals with moderate to severe addictions often need to attend a highly intense and structured form of substance abuse treatment. Unfortunately, some can’t live in a rehab facility 24/7 during the time that they are receiving care. Individuals in this scenario should receive PHP treatment.

The Benefits of a Partial Hospitalization Program

Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHPs) are a step forward from Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOPs) and a step back from inpatient or residential treatment. PHP can be used to transition to normal life after an inpatient program, eventually transitioning to outpatient treatment.

Two happy men after finishing a partial hospitalization program rehab Pennsylvania loves.
Happiness after rehab awaits – and it can begin with our partial hospitalization program rehab in Pennsylvania.

Short-term residential programs lay the foundation for recovery, but often do not provide enough time for a full recovery. Partial hospitalization programs build on what is learned during inpatient and continuing rehabilitation.

At the other end of the spectrum, some people in outpatient addiction treatment find that they need more care and structure than an IOP. A medical professional may advise them to switch to a partial hospital stay program to monitor them more closely. PHP allows more time to explore and resolve dependency issues. Hence, there are many benefits to the partial hospitalization program rehab Pennsylvania residents love. Some of these benefits include:

  • The ability to upkeep some regular life responsibilities and live in the comfort of home while still receiving intensive addiction treatment.
  • Having intensive and structured forms of treatment that is less expensive than residential or inpatient treatment.
  • Access to medical attention and care while attending rehab.

Of course, all of these benefits are important only if you are the right candidate for the program. If you need a lengthy 24/7 stay inside a rehab facility, then you won’t benefit much from PHP. Even though partial hospitalization programs in Florida are also suitable for severe addictions, it’s important to look at one’s unique situation. If you have no support at home, then you won’t be a good match for PHP.

Who is a Candidate for A Partial Hospitalization Program Treatment Pennsylvania residents love?

Someone can enter  PHP  to avoid hospitalization if their addiction is too severe for IOP treatment. Partial hospitalization allows people to live at home, and it is more flexible than hospitalization. Some people don’t want to enroll in a residency program because of the time commitment and higher cost. Therefore, if your everyday obligations can’t be put on hold, then you will be the perfect candidate for PHP. With this program, you will still manage to live in the comfort of your own home while receiving suitable care.

Bedroom furniture.
Remain in the comfort of your own home while receiving the care that you deserve.

The cost of treatment is a concern that causes many people to seek help. Partial hospitalization programs can be much less expensive than inpatient programs, as they do not require accommodation. For some people, outpatient care is the only reasonable option. If they have a stable home environment and a supportive family, they can find success with PHP treatment. Likewise, PHP treatment can provide you with just enough professional care. At the same time, it’s going to leave room for emotional support that you can get from your family members. If you are someone who cares about familial bonds, then PHP treatment might be right for you.

Finally, you are the right candidate if your addiction has greatly taken over your life. However, you find yourself able to sometimes resist the temptation to consume your substance of choice. If you can control your cravings even for a few hours, then you could benefit from PHP treatment. Your determination and strong will be enhanced by the expertise of our staff members.

Types of Addiction That Can Be Treated With the Partial Hospitalization Program

As a drug and alcohol rehab center in Pennsylvania that is mainly geared toward young males, we have experience with many different types of addiction. Nowadays, there are quite a few substances a person can become addicted to, and they are usually easily available. Likewise, while addiction can happen during any stage in one’s life, it most often happens when a person is a young adult. The good news is that addiction is a disease. Therefore, it can be treated and put under control.

A young man.
No matter the type of addiction that has been troubling you, our PHP treatment can help.

That’s where our partial hospitalization program rehab Pennsylvania facility enters the scene. As a program that can treat both severe and moderate addictions, it’s widely recommended by experts around the world. Moreover, you can take a sigh of relief after entering our facility. Just because you are attending the same program as dozens of other people doesn’t mean that you will receive the same treatment – quite the contrary. Every person is granted a unique approach and a plan of action that best corresponds to their needs.

Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol addiction in Pennsylvania is one of the most common types of addiction that we see. After all, unlike drugs, alcohol is a legal substance, which is why more people happen to be addicted to it. But that’s also why many people develop a severe form of addiction, as their substance of choice is always available. With PHP treatment, a person can successfully treat their substance abuse problem, as this program provides the perfect balance between flexibility and consistent support.

Recovering alcoholics will get to avoid the temptation of day drinking as they will spend the majority of their days inside a rehab facility. And once they go home, they will have the luxury of having their family members available for support and help. As PHP treatment enables you to spend your nights at home, it’s always a good thing if you aren’t living by yourself. It provides you with the physical and emotional support another person can bring you. Of course, with enough will and motivation, you can definitely overcome addiction by yourself, as you already have the help of our experts.

Heroin Addiction

Heroin is one of the most difficult drugs you can be addicted to. People with a heroin addiction oftentimes exhibit all the traits of severe addiction. While you get to decide whether you want to opt for inpatient treatment vs. PHP, there are a few reasons why you might opt for the latter. First and foremost is the cost.

Dollar bills to pay for partial hospitalization program rehab Pennsylvania.
We never advise people to let the cost be the only deciding factor when choosing a program.

People who have been abusing heroin for quite some time have most likely exhausted their financial resources. And while you should never let your finances be the deciding factor when it comes to getting the necessary help, we can’t deny that it’s an important thing. The good thing about our partial hospitalization program rehab in Pennsylvania is that it provides you with sufficient care at a much more affordable price. Due to its structure and the time spent inside a rehab facility, you have enough monitoring and support throughout the day.

However, if you think that you are lacking the motivation or willpower to be alone for a few hours a day, then it’s best you play it safe. Our men’s residential program is always here to save the day when suffering from heroin addiction in Pennsylvania.

Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine is a highly addictive drug. However, the type and formulation of this drug that you are ingesting will play a huge role in your level of addiction. Many times, we encounter individuals who, despite all odds, exhibit the symptoms of a moderate addiction to cocaine in PA. It’s in those situations that we usually recommend our PHP treatment as the logical course of action.

PHP treatment ensures that you are spending a huge chunk of time in rehab. Individual and group therapy received this way will ensure that you avoid relapsing and giving in to temptation. At the same time, the fact that you get to spend the nights inside your own home can provide you with a sense of comfort. Many things will change simply by making the decision to attend rehab and get sober. That’s why one of the last things individuals in rehab want is to be taken away from their homes. Our PHP treatment lets you have the best of both worlds – the care and expertise of our professionals and the comfort and warmth of your own home.

Marijuana Addiction

Marijuana is one of the most commonly used substances that’s even legal in some states and parts of the world. However, marijuana can still cause addiction if a person is not careful. The good news is that addiction caused by marijuana rarely entails Inpatient treatment. Most often, individuals who are suffering from marijuana addiction in PA will be able to find help by choosing our PHP or IOP treatment. If you have a severe dependence on this substance, then we welcome you to our partial hospitalization program rehab in FL.

Three young people looking at a phone.
PHP treatment for marijuana addiction allows you to enjoy your free time and devote it to your favorite people and activities.

Once again, the fact that you will have a lot of free time will be beneficial for your sobriety. Because your addiction to marijuana isn’t so overpowering and it is enabling you to function outside of the confines of a rehab center, you will be able to get the best result through our PHP treatment in Florida. If you believe that your addiction doesn’t require so much time spent inside a rehab facility, you can always switch to a less intense form of Outpatient rehab.

Partial Hospitalization Program Treatment vs. Residential Treatment

As briefly mentioned already, partial hospitalization program treatment primarily differs from residential treatment in that PHP treatment is an outpatient form of treatment. Thus, PHP treatment allows patients to return home in the evenings after rehab is over for the day. 

Residential treatment, on the other hand, gives its patients around-the-clock care and monitoring. Thus, residential treatment patients must live in a rehab facility 24/7 while receiving care. The greatest benefit of residential treatment is in having experts who will constantly monitor your progress. By being under their watchful eye, you will be able to have constant support and sail through the most difficult stages of rehab. Likewise, they will be able to administer Food and Drug Administration-approved drugs. These drugs can reduce the symptoms of withdrawal and help you fight cravings. Your healthcare professionals will find the best combination of these drugs for you, and they will administer them as needed.

A black alarm clock on a desk.
The main difference between these two programs is evident in the time you will have to spend in rehab.

Residential treatment is for individuals with severe addictions. Partial hospitalization program treatment is for people with moderate to severe addictions. Therefore, any individual with a severe substance addiction that absolutely can’t attend an inpatient form of rehab such as residential treatment, can receive PHP therapy. Individuals with moderate-level substance addictions can also benefit from receiving partial hospitalization program treatment.

Partial Hospitalization Program Treatment vs. Standard Outpatient Treatment

Partial hospitalization program treatment differs from standard outpatient treatment. This is because partial hospitalization program treatment is much more intense and structured. This is evident in the fact that PHP treatment requires its patients to attend rehab all day long, for five to seven days a week.

Standard outpatient treatment programs, on the other hand, only require their patients to attend rehab for a couple of hours a day, one or two days a week. There is one aspect that partial hospitalization program treatment and standard outpatient treatment for addiction have in common. This is the fact that they both allow their patients to live at home while attending rehab. 

Partial Hospitalization Program Treatment vs. Intensive Outpatient Program Treatment

The next most intense level of outpatient substance abuse treatment after partial hospitalization program treatment is the intensive outpatient program. An intensive outpatient program is a form of treatment that requires its patients to attend rehab for approximately three to four hours a day, three to four days a week. 

The main difference between these two programs is in the intensity of one’s addiction. PHP treatment is best suited for those individuals who have severe to moderate addictions. On the other hand, IOP treatment isn’t recommended as a good option for someone with a severe form of addiction. This level of care is more appropriate for people who have a moderate or even mild addiction.

Receive Addiction Treatment At Little Creek Recovery

Little Creek Recovery is an addiction treatment center for men only. Our mission here at Little Creek is to build a strong foundation in recovery for our male patients. That way, they can maintain their sobriety long-term in the real world. There is a very simple reason why we cater to young male patients – they are a group that is most affected by addiction. The majority of people who become dependent on a substance will start experimenting in young adulthood. And since we wanted to provide the best care possible, we had to focus on a particular group. Hence, we pride ourselves on being the perfect place for young males to seek help with their addiction.

The word holistic written with cubes.
We incorporate holistic practices in our PHP treatment.

Another mission of ours here at Little Creek Recovery is to integrate internalized recovery into our treatment programs through therapeutic and 12-step models with a focus on the spiritual paradigm. That way, each of our patients can treat their substance addictions and any of the associated underlying physical, mental health, and spiritual conditions. This doesn’t mean that we don’t pay the necessary attention to standard methods of rehab – quite the contrary. We use researched and studied methods and techniques that are considered traditional. However, we combine them with therapeutic activities and alternative methods of treatment. That way, we manage to cover all of our grounds and treat addiction with every tool we’ve got.

Family Counseling During PHP Treatment At Little Creek Recovery

Addiction isn’t something that affects only one person. While the one who is suffering from it is going to be in the toughest spot, his or her family members will also be on the spot. It’s a well-known fact that addiction is a disease that can ruin relationships. And even though your family members love you immensely, your relationship with them can still be damaged. Besides, they play a huge part in your success after finishing a partial hospitalization program rehab Pennsylvania residents trust.

A specialty of ours here at Little Creek Recovery is family counseling and education. Family counseling and education help the family members of individuals in rehab learn the roles that they have played in their loved ones’ development of substance use or co-occurring disorders. That way, the family members of those in addiction treatment can make a conscious effort to no longer play those roles when their loved ones return from rehab.

Family counseling and education also help the family members of people in rehab better understand substance addiction and why a person may develop one. This helps the family members of people in rehab better empathize with their loved ones in addiction treatment. Through family counseling and education, our patients can return home after rehab to a family that is highly supportive of their recovery journey.

We Have a Treatment Program Fit for Every Patient

To achieve our mission, the staff here at Little Creek utilizes different kinds of individual, group, and family therapies. One unique form of therapy that we specialize in here at Little Creek Recovery is music therapy. Our rehab facility contains a music studio that patients can use to therapeutically express themselves. Through different forms of therapy such as music therapy, we can further treat patients holistically while also building their confidence and teaching them proper coping mechanisms.

A sheet of music on a piano.
Music therapy is a big part of our treatment plans, as it has therapeutic properties.

The transition from a rehab facility into the real world can be scary. In fact, it can be so scary and shocking that many recovering addicts encounter relapse. While relapse doesn’t have to mark the end of your rehab journey, it should certainly be avoided. And we want to help you avoid it. Little Creek patients that want extra assistance remaining sober after rehab is over can receive sober living services at our sober living home called Shane’s House. That way, our patients can slowly transition back into the real world once rehab is over.

Most importantly, every individual who enters our facilities will get a unique treatment plan. Every person is different. Therefore, every person’s addiction is going to be special. We can’t treat your addiction to marijuana like we would treat one’s addiction to heroin. Thus, we will take it upon ourselves to tailor the best treatment plan that will include different types of therapy. Leave it to us to plan out your days – your only job is to work side by side with us.

Contact Little Creek Recovery and Get Full Access to Our PHP Treatment

Spending some time in rehab is always going to be challenging. However, there’s no doubt that this is a mandatory next step that’s going to help you become sober. To reach that desired state of sobriety, you can begin by contacting Little Creek Recovery. One of our many professionals is going to assess your situation and recommend the best program. Oftentimes, that’s going to be our partial hospitalization program rehab Pennsylvania loves. With our PHP treatment, you will get to enjoy your liberty while also getting the necessary care. All the while, you will have our full support and attention.

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