Cigna Rehab Coverage

The unfortunate fact of today’s world is that rehab can be expensive, even prohibitively expensive. That is why it is very important to be able to utilize your medical insurance to its fullest. If you have Cigna insurance, you’re in luck, their plans will cover just about any rehab you might require. Cigna is a worldwide health service company that serves almost 100 million people around the world. Cigna rehab coverage for mental health services as well as substance use disorders is quite comprehensive but it can be a bit confusing at first. Not every addiction treatment center in Pennsylvania is accepted for Cigna coverage, and the coverage itself varies depending on the plan. And there are other questions such as the evaluation process, types of treatments that are covered, etc. But don’t worry, Little Creek Recovery Center is here to provide you with all the answers!

person holding money, representing Cigna rehab coverage
You can count on Cigna to provide you with rehab coverage!

All you need to know about Cigna rehab coverage

To fully understand Cigna rehab coverage, you need to understand the following first:

  • Rehab evaluation
  • What is Cigna insurance
  • Does Cigna cover alcohol rehab?
  • Does Cigna cover mental health treatment?
  • Cigna employer insurance plans
  • Cigna individual/family insurance plans
  • Addiction treatment types covered by Cigna

Furthermore, the specific coverage will depend on a variety of factors such as the state where you live, your plan’s sponsorship (employer-sponsored or government-sponsored), whether the plan was purchased under the ACA (Affordable Care Act), the type of the plan (HMO, EPO, PPO), as well as your policy’s behavioral health deductibles. Also, you need to make sure that the specific drug rehab center Pennsylvania has on offer falls under the plan’s coverage. If it does, then the first step you need to take is to undergo a full evaluation.

Rehab evaluation

There are several ways in which one can “end up” in a rehab facility. The best option, of course, is to undertake the treatment willingly. However, you may be “forced” to visit one of the alcohol rehab centers in Pennsylvania if the court system, employer, or your family requires it. No matter how you get to this point, the next question might be “Does Cigna cover alcohol rehab?”. The exact answer will depend on your particular plan but in general Cigna does have coverage options for alcohol rehab. However, to qualify for those options, you will need to undergo a full evaluation first.

person writing down something
Before you can get Cigna rehab coverage, you will have to undergo a full evaluation.

The evaluation will have several “components” to it. First, it will fully assess your current use. Second, it will review your past substance use and look at your treatment history, followed by your physical history. After that, the evaluation will look into your current social situation and identify the treatment goals.

When the evaluation is concluded, you will get a treatment recommendation which may happen on either an outpatient or inpatient basis. This is usually referred to as LOC, or Level of Care.

Does Cigna cover alcohol rehab?

There’s no simple answer to your question, as alcohol rehab means different things to different people. However, if your doctor considers alcohol rehab to be a medical necessity, then Cigna will cover it. The coverage itself depends on your plan and the state where the rehab is taking place. The reason for the latter is the fact that each state has its own laws that regulate behavioral health benefits.

Here are some of the things that Cigna will cover, at the very least partially:

There are also things that Cigna won’t cover, with a few notable exceptions that can be found in certain plans:

  • Recreational programs
  • Dieting regimes
  • Medically unnecessary services (yoga, meditation, etc)
  • Personal comfort services (Netflix, TV packages, food deliveries, etc.)
  • Unproven treatments and/or alternative therapies such as acupuncture or holistic care
  • Custodial care services (bathing, feeding, dressing)

The cost of Cigna alcohol rehab

It is practically impossible to estimate the overall cost of Cigna alcohol rehab before the full evaluation, and thus the exact Cigna rehab coverage. This is due to the fact that no two treatment plans are the same. Every person requires a special treatment approach, and some might require more resources than others.

person counting money
The cost of treatment is determined on a case-by-case basis.

Does Cigna cover mental health treatment?

Yes. Under the 2010’s Affordable Care Act, all insurance policies need to provide coverage for mental health care and treatment. Furthermore, drug addiction and mental health disorders usually go “hand-in-hand”, and the plans usually include coverage for both. Cigna insurance plans can cover the treatment for mental health issues on their own, or they can provide coverage for co-occurring mental health and substance abuse issues. That being said, the actual coverage varies from one plan to another.

Cigna employer insurance plans

You can get Cigna Group Health insurance plans through your employer or as an individual/family plan. The plans that you can get through your employer include:

  • Cigna Open Access Plus – This plan offers a national network of treatment centers and doctors, as well as notable discounts and the option to select a PCP (Primary Care Provider). There are no referral requirements, either.
  • Cigna HMO – Under Cigna HMO, you will be able to utilize treatment centers and doctors within a specified network only. This plan features higher deductibles but lower monthly premiums. You still get to choose a PCP.
  • Cigna PPO – Similar to Cigna HMO but with a larger network. This plan also features slightly higher policy premiums but the deductibles may be higher or lower as well.
  • Cigna Group Medicare – These plans are specifically designed for retired employees.
  • Cigna SureFit® – This plan is only available in certain areas and is one of the most customizable plans that the company offers.
  • Cigna Local Plus® – A limited network of treatment centers and doctors but with access to Away from Home Care.
  • Cigna Indemnity plans – The most comprehensive plan option, as it allows the employees to see any doctor in any hospital. The employees can also visit any specialist without the need for a referral.
person handing out a contract with Cigna rehab coverage
There is a lot of variety between the Cigna employer insurance plans.

Cigna individual/family insurance plans

Aside from the more common employer insurance plans, Cigna offers individual/family plans as well. The three plans that are available to individuals and families are:

  • Cigna PPO – These plans are practically the same as those offered to employers. They feature the largest network of treatment centers and doctors and have higher monthly premiums. The deductibles can be lower or higher than those in other plans.
  • Cigna EPO – Cigna’s EPO plans for families and individuals offer access to a specific network of treatment centers and doctors, the lowest monthly premiums but the highest deductibles as well. Furthermore, you can’t rely on coverage outside of the network unless in case of an emergency.
  • Cigna HMO – The most commonly used plan by families and individuals, Cigna HMO offers access to healthcare services within a specified network only. The greatest benefit of these plans is that they offer the lowest monthly premiums. However, they also come with the highest deductibles. Lastly, you are required to choose a primary care physician.

The reason why we are not providing you with any exact figures for these plans is due to the fact that the price relies on too many factors to count here. The best thing you can do is to get in touch with Cigna directly and see what options they have available for you. That will provide you with the information on whether your inpatient rehab Pennsylvania center is under their coverage. However, before you do so, there is the last piece of the “puzzle” that you need to be aware of: The types of treatment that Cigna covers.

Addiction treatment types covered by Cigna

Cigna rehab coverage covers three types of treatment:

  • Inpatient/Residential rehab – This is usually the first step of the treatment process. You will be required to stay at a rehab center anywhere between 30 and 120 days, depending on your situation and your needs.
  • Outpatient rehab – After completing the inpatient portion of the treatment, you will usually require at least one or two group therapy sessions per week. This treatment type may last for several years, or it may last several months, depending on your progress.
  • Intensive outpatient rehab – Similar to outpatient rehab, but a bit more intensive. This treatment requires you to be present at (at least) 10-20 hours of counseling, either individually or within a group. The treatment usually lasts up to three months and requires you to attend at least three days a week.
person getting a massage
Cigna may not cover additional services, such as massage services.

However, these are not the only treatment types that may aid you on your road to recovery. There are numerous treatment options that you might want to consider, such as music therapy for addiction, art therapy, recreational and adventure programs, etc. Thus, your best option is to choose a rehab center that can provide you with as many treatment types as you may require.

Why choose Little Creek Recovery Center for your treatment?

At Little Creek Recovery Center, we offer you a safe haven that helps you heal. Most of our treatment options have Cigna rehab coverage, and we will help you determine the exact coverage level. The treatment at Little Creek follows the 12 steps of recovery model, as well as a full continuum of care. We specialize in treating the adult male population and helping them develop healthy, sober, relationships with others. We are also one of the few dual diagnosis treatment centers Pennsylvania has on offer, and our professional medical staff is there to customize the treatment according to your needs.

Our treatment center was also one of the first of its kind on the East Coast to provide a combination of clinical care and recreational therapies. While the latter might not be covered by all Cigna plans, we believe that undertaking recreational therapy alongside other treatment modalities provides our patients with the best route to recovery. Additionally, our sober living Pennsylvania programs offer a great way to maintain sobriety for an extensive period of time. What we do is treat both the mind and body, as well as the soul for optimal recovery! By staying any length of time with us, you will be able to:

  • Develop your creative side
  • Receive 24-hour care and support
  • Learn how to love yourself (and how to be loved)
  • Acquire the skills to empower yourself to make good decisions
  • Receive all the care and support you may need on your road to recovery
a mug and a book beneath a blanket
Little Creek offers a comfortable rehabilitation experience.

And that is not all, either. The staff at Little Creek Recovery Center will not treat you like a “number”. They will treat you as a family member. For when you decide to stay with us, you essentially become one.

Take the first step toward your recovery today!

The purpose of Little Creek is to help you build a strong recovery foundation, one that focuses on achieving long-term sobriety. By specializing in the adult male population, we acquired the necessary knowledge to help you with all aspects of your life, including dynamics specific to men. You will also get to spend your time in a comfortable treatment facility where you may not even think that you are in a medical institution! Receiving 24/7 medical care and support all the while.

Little Creek Recovery Center accepts Cigna rehab coverage as well as many other insurance options. That means that you don’t need to worry about paying for the treatment out of your own pocket. To find out exactly how much coverage you have (and already have a health insurance plan), contact us today and our staff will provide you with all the information you might need.

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