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When people suffer from addiction, it affects them and everyone close to them. Because of this fact, addiction can tear families apart. Although men may not always be as vulnerable when it comes to discussing their issues with addiction as women, it’s just as important for them to learn how to overcome their addictions through addiction treatment. This is especially true if these men have families in which they function as the head of the household. 

Little Creek Lodge recognizes the importance of men being vulnerable and receiving addiction treatment that will help treat their bodies, minds, and souls, Little Creek offers inpatient addiction treatment resources just for men in Pennsylvania. Through these Pennsylvania resources for addiction treatment, men will be able to heal themselves from addiction so that they can be better leaders at home. Addiction treatment in Pennsylvania will also allow the families of male addicts to trust them again. 

Statistics on Substance Addiction in Pennsylvania

Like in many parts of the United States, substance addiction is a major problem in the state of Pennsylvania. As of July 2017, the rate at which drug overdoses were increasing in Pennsylvania was very high. In fact, in between 2016-2017, drug overdose deaths in Pennsylvania rose by 43.4%. 

According to the National Insititute on Drug Abuse (NIH), 65% of drug overdose deaths in Pennsylvania in 2018 involved opioids. As a result, there were 2,866 opioid-related fatalities in the state of Pennsylvania in 2018. This is partly due to the fact that healthcare providers in Pennsylvania wrote 49.9 opioid prescriptions for every 100 people. 

Of the individuals that have died of a drug overdose in Pennsylvania, the majority were men. In fact, in 2016, as many as 70% of the people who died of a drug overdose in Pennslyvania were men. 

Other substance addictions that are prevalent in Pennsylvania include heroin, cocaine, and alcohol. According to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, back in 2015, there were 10,558 alcohol-related car crashes in the state. Within those alcohol-related car crashes, 74% of the drunk drivers were male. 

The fact that the majority of drug and alcohol overdoses and alcohol-induced car crashes within the state of Pennsylvania were conducted by males further goes to show why Pennsylvania resources for male-based addiction treatment are necessary. Luckily, Little Creek Lodge is an addiction treatment center in Pennsylvania that specializes in addiction treatment resources that are just for men.

Pennsylvania Resources for Addiction Treatment At Little Creek Lodge

Little Creek Lodge is an addiction treatment center located in Lake Ariel, Pennsylvania. Therefore, Pennsylvania residents that are struggling with substance misuse can turn to Little Creek Lodge for care. 

One of the addiction treatment resources that Little Creek Lodge offers is men-only inpatient treatment. Little Creek also offers outpatient treatment programs for men and women. 

Men-Only Inpatient Treatment

Little Creek Lodge specializes in male-based addiction treatment resources. Therefore, it’s no surprise that the inpatient treatment programs at Little Creek Lodge are only for men. 

Little Creek uses a 12-step model approach within its inpatient treatment programs. In doing so, Little Creek puts a special focus on the benefits of spirituality in addiction treatment and recovery. That way each male inpatient resident can overcome any spiritual, mental, or social barriers for recovery. 

While Little Creek Lodge focuses its addiction treatment resources on a 12-step philosophy, it does so in conjunction with reality-based therapies. The primary objective in Little Creek’s men-only inpatient treatment programs is to guide its residents into managing their daily recovery. Hopefully, male Little Creek Recovery patients will also practice acceptance of their diagnoses. 

Little Creek also makes it a priority to teach its inpatient male residents how to ask for help when they need it. In doing so, Little Creek is helping men in addiction recovery build emotional coping skills. These emotional coping skills will make sustaining long-term sobriety more plausible. 

Partial Hospitalization Program Treatment

While Little Creek specializes in men-only inpatient treatment for addiction, it also offers outpatient services for both men and women. The most intense form of outpatient treatment at Little Creek Lodge is its partial hospitalization program (PHP). 

PHP treatment requires patients to receive addiction treatment resources for five to eight hours a day, five to seven days a week. Thus, attending partial hospitalization program treatment at Little Creek Lodge is like attending work every day. 

Similar to when working a job, before and after receiving outpatient care through Little Creek’s partial hospitalization program, men and women get to live in the comfort of their own homes. This is because all forms of outpatient treatment allow patients to live at home and continue living their normal day-to-day lives when not receiving addiction treatment resources at a rehab facility. 

Intensive Outpatient Program Treatment

Another key outpatient treatment program that Little Creek Lodge offers to both men and women is intensive outpatient program treatment. Intensive outpatient program treatment requires patients to receive intense addiction treatment resources for approximately a few hours a day, a few days a week. 

Sober Living

Sober living is an addiction treatment resource that Little Creek Lodge offers to former male patients. The Little Creek sober living facility is known as Shane’s House. Shane’s House is a structured recovery house that is right next to the Little Creek Lodge facility. 

Individuals that choose to take advantage of sober living at Shane’s House can stay there for up to three months. During those three months, Shane’s House residents must pay monthly rent. 

This monthly rent goes towards the cost of everything from Wi-Fi and cable television to rooming and transportation services. 

To ensure that Shane’s House residents are taking an active role in their recovery, they are required to attend and participate in Little Creek Lodge’s outpatient services while in sober living. Shane’s House residents should also look for employment and education opportunities. 

As a male-based addiction treatment center that’s located in Pennsylvania, Little Creek Lodge offers Pennsylvania resources for addiction. Hopefully, through such addiction treatment resources, the rates of substance addiction and overdose in Pennsylvania can decrease. This is especially true since men in Pennsylvania misuse and overdose on substances at higher rates than women. 

Receive Addiction Treatment Resources in Pennsylvania At Little Creek Lodge

Little Creek Lodge aims to treat the minds, bodies, and souls of its patients. To achieve this goal, Little Creek offers numerous unique holistic and reality-based therapies. One common reality-based therapy that Little Creek offers is family therapy. One holistic form of addiction therapy that Little Creek often uses is music therapy

While some people in recovery for addiction may be relieved to be able to take the time to focus on overcoming their addictions, others may fear the success of getting sober. This is because they know that getting sober will force them to not be able to use addiction as a crutch. In turn, sobriety forces people in recovery to be accountable for their actions.

To learn more about Little Creek Recovery and the various forms of addiction treatment and therapy that it offers its male residents along with its and female and male outpatient treatment recipients, contact us today. We here at Little Creek would love nothing more than to help you overcome addiction and establish long-term sobriety and recovery. 


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