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The Fear of Success Holds Us Back

Drug and alcohol addiction recovery in Pennsylvania

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Drug and alcohol addiction is the destroyer of intimacy, self-confidence, esteem, boyhood dreams, and, most of all, relationships, both with others and with a higher power. The word intimacy, for me, means into-me-you-see. The addict or alcoholic is not vulnerable enough to allow anyone to be intimate with him. Trust, honesty, and love do not exist within his mindset.

A spiritual foundation is the relationship with the SELF, a higher power, or others. The first thing to be taken away from any person in the progression of addiction is this spiritual foundation. The walls of defense are up, and the alcoholic must protect his disease. The relationship with self and others, as well as with his spiritual foundation, becomes severely compromised. The individual becomes a victim by his own doing and blames others for his failures. This is the alcoholic way.

Fear of success has always played a major role in the lives of anyone who finds themselves in the grips of drugs and alcohol addiction. Success, however, needs to be defined specifically by the individual. The earliest ideas of success come from two places; parents and entertainment before branching off to include the classroom and other competitive environments.

Success of any kind is all about relationships and what our relationship is with ourselves. If this is damaged, it can only be passed on to others in a hurtful way. Relationships become fractured and success cannot be achieved. Success can be as simple as accepting your place in the world and who you are. It can be as simple as accepting the family you were raised by, the people that have been put into your life, or all that you have been given to work with while you are on this Earth. Success in many cultures is thought of as power and monetary status. I know plenty of people who have both and remain empty inside. We cannot give away what we don’t have; success and relationships go hand and hand.

We must let go of fear. You know of the “False Evidence That Appears Real” that is the greatest roadblock to achieving success of any kind. I suggest you invite your fear to tea, and have a talk with it. Such a conversation may save your life and the lives of those around you. Here at Little Creek, we strive to pass on the elements of this reading to our residents as we go day by day into newfound, sober lives. This way of living takes discipline, dedication, and plenty of love. Little Creek is here to help.

Andy Pace, CEO, Co-Founder

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