Reasons to Consider Yoga During PA Addiction Treatment

Innovative methods in treating addiction disorders have made recovery much more meaningful and less overwhelming. The holistic approach has shown a tremendous increase in recovered cases that managed to stay sober for longer periods, even permanently. That’s why yoga practice has been encouraged as one of the most effective supplementary treatments. The benefits range from physical to mental and spiritual. Also, yoga during PA addiction treatment helps patients stay anchored in their recovery journey and practice self-care daily. We at Little Creek Recovery also recognized the significance of yoga in addiction recovery.

As a renowned rehab center in Pennsylvania, Little Creek Recovery takes an innovative approach to various addiction problems. In addition to all treatments on offer, we also provide yoga for addiction. Don’t hesitate to contact us and learn more about it.

What has yoga to do with addiction recovery?

A modern approach to addiction takes a step further than traditional methods. Besides the biological aspect of addictive behavior, it’s important to touch on the emotional, mental, and spiritual. That way, abstinence and medications alone are not enough. The patient must participate in activities that make them feel wholesome. Nowadays there are various helpful additional treatments, from music therapy for substance abuse to yoga practice.

focused couple practicing yoga
There are many strong reasons to consider yoga during PA addiction treatment.

The role of yoga practice in addiction recovery has been widely recognized for a good amount of reasons:

  • It helps recovering addicts restore the connection between mind and body.
  • Aids to behavioral treatments.
  • Enforces a sense of community.
  • Opens patients up to a holistic lifestyle. 
  • Helps with relapse prevention.

Addiction to substances isn’t just physiological. It affects the psyche, behaviors, interpersonal relationships, and life in general. The psychological part is often one of the most challenging to overcome. So, additional therapies and activities, like yoga, are of utmost importance. Practicing yoga during PA addiction treatment and after you complete it can change your life for the better and help you keep it that way.

Who is yoga for?

People of all ages and physical fitness can benefit from yoga. Regular practice enhances cognition and mental clarity and improves flexibility. It also encourages changes in diet and lifestyle. The healthier you eat, the better you can focus on exercise.

elderly couple practicing yoga
Yoga knows no age.

Yoga sessions happen in a non-judgemental environment

In modern rehab facilities, yoga is practiced in a safe and supportive atmosphere. Therefore, rest assured that once you start rehab and yoga practice, you will be nothing but supported on your journey. The fact that you decided to get better and live life on healthier grounds already speaks of your bravery. You deserve to be happy and live a prosperous life. That’s why the addiction recovery experts teamed up with yoga professionals to make recovery wholesome and meaningful.

Ways in which yoga practice helps addiction recovery

What’s good for the body is also good for the mind. That’s why yoga is widely used in a holistic approach to addiction. The link between physiological and mental well-being is what daily yoga practice provides.

Better sleep

One of the primary reasons people take yoga classes is its impact on sleep. Those with insomnia issues report improvement in sleep after prolonged yoga practice. Impaired sleep due to disrupted brain chemistry is often found in severe addiction cases. Struggling individuals have a hard time falling asleep and shutting their thoughts. Since sleep is important for bodily functions, and stress reduction, methods other than medical must be included. Nowadays, long term drug rehab Pennsylvania programs offer yoga classes that help patients ease their stress levels and relax.

If you are experiencing sleeping problems, know that yoga can solve them for you. Breathing exercises you learn while performing yoga movements supply your brain with enough oxygen. As a result, your mind becomes less stressed and thus makes it easier for you to get a good sleep.

Coping with withdrawal symptoms

Self-withdrawals are often excruciating. Prolonged substance abuse leaves your body and brain depending on the next fix. Even with medical assistance, withdrawal can be uncomfortable to an extent. Although the substances left your system, the brain is yet to adjust to the absence of substances. Yoga doesn’t only make your mind calm. It makes withdrawal less overwhelming.

two people meditating
Practicing yoga during PA addiction treatment is beneficial in many ways.

Restoring motor kills

Besides the nervous system, muscles are the first to suffer due to constant drug usage. The more your body needs drugs, the less energy you can maintain throughout the day. At this stage, the body and brain mainly use drugs as energy sources. This further results in physical inactivity and impaired motor skills. If an ongoing addiction is followed by co-occurring mental illness like depression, it becomes difficult for struggling individuals to perform basic chores.

Addiction recovery experts agree that yoga is a non-invasive way to slowly bring back the body’s mobility and improve reflexes. Even advanced yoga poses require slow and focused moves in order to get the body used to it and avoid potential injuries.

Healthier joints and muscles

If you don’t feel like going to the gym, why not try yoga? You can strengthen your joints and restore muscles thanks to special yoga exercises. The more you do them, the better it gets. It’s completely fine if you need more time to get back to physical exercise. By doing yoga, you’re gaining strength and warming up your body for the upcoming day.

Better emotional regulation and reduced mental chatter

Slow and focused yoga movements calm the mind down and ease mental chatter. In the beginning, it seems impossible to shut the thoughts downs. However, yoga helps you gradually regain control over your chain of thoughts and get peace of mind.

A sense of achievement

Yoga exercises range from simple to advanced. First, you start with simple ones, then progress towards advanced exercises. Since it’s a progressive practice, yoga can give you a sense of achievement. Let’s say that, at some point, you wish to perform a handstand. At first, it seems like a mission impossible. However, the key is to doing the right progressions and gain more flexibility. Before you know it, you’ll be able to perform a handstand or any position you want. For many, yoga becomes a new fulfilling hobby.

focused woman performing advanced yoga pose
Those who accept yoga as a new hobby strive to reach an advanced level.

Yoga helps recovering addicts develop self-discipline

A holistic approach to addiction also involves rebuilding self-discipline. That’s why yoga practice is a great way to teach patients about the art of repetitive actions and commitment. Recovering individuals often adopt yoga as a part of their morning routine. Morning yoga exercises not only raise your energy levels but also anchor you in the right mindset. Patients taught to start their day with yoga have better chances of staying sober permanently.

Energy boost

Every modern and innovative cocaine addiction treatment center deploys physical exercises to reduce patient anxiety. Studies show that patients who practice yoga can get a grip on anxiety triggers, and self-regulate through breathing or movement. What’s also great about yoga is the increased level of energy. The body needs to replace cocaine with something healthier for an energy boost, and that’s exactly what yoga does. The more you progress, the more demanding the exercises become. That way, you train your mind to focus on what’s good for you. Moreover, you start waking up fresh and energized every morning.

Self-care is another positive aspect of yoga

During your recovery journey, you’ll learn about the importance of self-care. This is what yoga can help with as well. The thing about yoga is that it gently reconnects you with yourself. Furthermore, the benefits you gain from exercises and deep breathing show you how important it is to take care of your body and mind. Through yoga practice, you also learn that you can indeed positively impact your well-being.

Group yoga sessions help patients resocialize

As a part of a 12-step program, Yoga has a spiritual role. It helps a struggling individual regain a sense of purpose and start to appreciate life once again. Years of addiction struggles disconnect individuals from themselves, and the community, and rob them of their joy. This is why group meetings are so helpful. Participants get support from each other and witness each other’s progress. This also applies to group yoga sessions. When you have other people on a similar journey as you, you get more motivated to keep taking steps toward recovery.

a group of people doing Yoga during PA addiction treatment
Yoga, in general, is practiced in a safe and a non-judgemental surrounding.

Yoga and relapse prevention

Many factors determine how long an addict is going to remain sober. It also takes an effort on one’s side to stay away from risky behaviors. This is exactly what yoga can help with. In addiction centers that involve holistic methods in addiction recovery, yoga has been an essential part of a relapse prevention strategy. Considering all the benefits yoga provides, it’s safe to say that yoga is definitely what you should include in your relapse prevention plan, and practice daily.

Stress, external triggers, and many other challenging factors are easier to deal with when you resort to healthier coping mechanisms, which yoga practice is. It’s enough to have a 15min routine to bring your mind and body back in balance whenever you feel agitated.

Search for treatment centers offering Yoga classes

If entering a rehab, make sure to search for a rehab center Wilkes Barre PA residents speak highly of:

  • First, make a list of several of them that provide yoga classes in addition to rehab programs.
  • Next, focus on location. Choose rehab centers close to natural landscapes.
  • Inquire about the admission process.

With yoga as a regular physical exercise, your entire recovery journey will feel more wholesome. You’ll realize how important all aspects – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual –  are when it comes to addiction recovery.

You will have to undergo a medical detox before you begin with rehab and supplementary treatments

Consider outpatient detox rehab PA centers provide. The substances must leave your system before starting an adequate treatment program. The detox medications are administrated by specialized medical staff. Therefore, ensure the rehab center you opt for provides medical detox and the necessary treatments.

redhead woman practicing Yoga during PA addiction treatment
Look for a treatment center that implements a holistic approach to addiction recovery.

When it comes to severe addiction issues, withdrawals on your own can be brutal. For instance, if you’ve been using stimulants for a very long time, chances are that any withdrawal attempts failed. Therefore, make sure to admit to a rehab center, and go through a detox. That way, the rest of your prescription drug addiction rehab will run with ease. The same applies to other kinds of rehab programs.

Start your rehab at Little Creek Recovery

Little Creek Recovery embodies medical assistance, psychotherapy, and holistic tools to help you overcome addiction once and for all. We understand the way yoga during PA addiction treatment helps our patients, which is why we gladly utilize it. We want our patients to re-discover their self-worth and move past addictive behaviors. Believe you can change your life for the better when you know how. Our doors remain open for you once you decide to make the first steps toward the life you deserve. Feel free to contact our office and don’t hesitate to ask us anything you’d wish to know.

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