What Makes Little Creek the Best Option for Rehab in Wilkes Barre PA

Looking for a treatment facility is a process that should be taken seriously. After all, it’s highly likely that your entire future depends on it, so you should invest as much time as necessary into finding a suitable rehab Wilkes Barre PA center. At Little Creek Recovery, we believe that we have every right to call ourselves one of the best rehab facilities in the area. Our treatment center offers comfort coupled with tried and tested treatment plans and various forms of therapy. Don’t hesitate to contact us for further details regarding our treatment plans – or simply read up on why we might be the right rehab center Wilkes Barre PA has to offer for your needs.

Little Creek is the best rehab Wilkes Barre PA center for those looking for privacy

Safely nestled in the woods of Lake Ariel, we are a small but devoted treatment center. Our alcohol and drug rehab Wilkes Barre PA center doesn’t have a lot of rooms and beds, as we like to focus on privacy and individual attention. Simply put, we want to be in a situation where we have enough time to dedicate to every person who might be in need of our help. That’s a bit more difficult to do once you have a huge treatment center, as such facilities are oftentimes devoid of intimacy. Besides, due to the location of our treatment center, privacy is not going to be an issue.

A bed and a lamp next to it.
The rooms in our Wilkes Barre PA treatment center allow you to be comfortable during recovery.

Keep in mind that our treatment center is equipped with all the essential amenities one could need in recovery. The rooms are airy and spacious enough, with comfortable beds that allow a good night’s sleep. After all, we understand the importance of good sleep and healthy life during recovery. It’s what will make all the difference, as it’s almost impossible to fully recover from your drug or alcohol addiction in PA without the integration of healthy habits. When it comes to health, there’s almost nothing that’s more important for it than sufficient physical activity.

Our rehab center Wilkes Barre PA is a big fan of recreational therapy

Physical activity is usually a prerequisite for good health. While leading a sedentary lifestyle isn’t good for people who don’t have an addiction, being inactive is even worse for those who are going through recovery. Not only will sufficient physical activity keep you physically healthy, but it will also have a wonderful impact on your mental health. Recreational therapy in PA can:

  • Improve your mood, as breathing in the fresh air and moving your body will get the happy hormones going.
  • Keep you busy and distracted, so you will have less time to think about your cravings.
  • Help you develop some significant friendships, as these activities are usually done in a group setting.

Recreational therapy in Little Creek involves all sorts of activities. From mountain biking for those who love a good adrenaline rush to bowling, every activity that gets your body moving is a good one. Luckily, we understand how important it is to include these activities in your treatment plan. That’s what separates our drug and alcohol rehab Wilkes Barre PA center from the others. If you are interested in any of these activities, simply turn to our Adventure Trek coordinator. You’ll get to ask them anything that interests you, knowing that you’ll get a satisfying answer.

A man hiking in nature.
Regular physical activity is an important part of our treatment plans.

Little Creek is a rehab center Wilkes Barre PA residents love that offers many different programs

They say that the programs are among the first things you should look at when searching for a treatment facility and we fully agree with this statement. Different programs cater to the needs of different forms of addiction. Some individuals come to us with a severe form of dependence on alcohol or drugs. If we notice that a person can’t function without substance, then we recommend inpatient treatment. Our Men’s Residential Program in PA caters to the needs of the young male population. We believe that rehab and addiction are complicated enough without mixing the two sexes. Likewise, our inpatient treatment is most likely to produce positive effects when a person is dealing with a severe form of addiction.

However, if you are not sure that you need to stay inside a rehab center Wilkes Barre PA residents recommend, then you don’t have to worry. Little Creek is also famous for our amazing outpatient rehab in PA. With this program, you get to recover in the comfort of your own home while still getting help from our team of professionals. With us, everything is about satisfying your needs during treatment. That’s precisely why you can get access to multiple programs and subprograms.

Outpatient care is adjusted to your needs

It’s important to know that, within our Outpatient care, we offer a few different subprograms. You already know that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to rehab, and there shouldn’t be one. Little Creek has taken it upon ourselves to tailor three different programs that we think will correspond to people battling different forms of addiction:

  • Residential Treatment. Once addiction takes over one’s life, the individual has only two options when it comes to treatment – Inpatient or residential. Our residential care is suited for clients who have a severe form of addiction, and it’s also referred to as day treatment. When attending this program, a client will spend five to eight hours per day in rehab. Likewise, they will do so five to seven days per week.
  • Intensive outpatient program in Pennsylvania. The second most intense form of outpatient care, IOP focuses on helping those with a moderate addiction. After opting for this treatment, you will have to spend a few hours per day in treatment. And you can expect to do so a few times per week.
  • General outpatient program in Pennsylvania. If all you have is a mild addiction, which is typical for marijuana addiction in PA, then this one might be the right option for your needs. When going for this treatment, a person will spend a few hours in rehab, only once or twice a week.
A man holding a phone, about to contact rehab Wilkes Barre PA center.
Outpatient care is perfect for someone who has a moderate addiction and prefers to remain in the comfort of their own home.

Do you have any doubts about the program you should choose? Then use the people who work in your rehab Wilkes Barre PA center of choice. At Little Creek recovery, we take it upon ourselves to recommend the best form of treatment for your needs. Our professionals are going to have a conversation with you with the purpose of assessing your needs. After learning a thing or two about your addiction, we will be able to give our recommendation.

Little Creek supports you in involving the ones you love in your treatment

When being in the shackles of addiction, your loved ones are probably the last people you want around. And that’s probably going to remain true in the beginning stages of recovery. However, once you successfully go through withdrawal, you might start to gain a different perspective. You realize that the support and involvement of those who are the closest to you are of paramount importance. At Little Creek Recovery, we’ve always known that involving your family members and loved ones is a recipe for success. That’s why we have a tailored family program in PA that helps every family member deal with addiction.

Your family members will be frequent visitors of therapy in our rehab Wilkes Barre PA center. The goal is to work through the familial issues that might have arisen due to addiction. Whether drug or alcohol, addiction is a disease that impacts every family member and sometimes breaks the bonds between those closest to a person. The goal of therapy is to reconnect those bonds and make the family dynamics healthy once again. That’s why our professional therapists will work on every member’s individual feelings and problems.

A paper representation of people in different houses.
Family should be your biggest support – through our therapy, that’s precisely what it will become once again.

Keep in mind that family therapy is only a part of treatment in our alcohol rehab center Wilkes Barre PA residents recommend. This form of treatment is only impactful once an individual works on their own needs and issues that have to deal with addiction. Individual therapy still remains the most effective method to treat addiction and reach long-term sobriety.

Our rehab Wilkes Barre PA center offers support long after you leave treatment

Many people believe in one very common and harmful myth concerning addiction – they believe that you are cured as soon as rehab is over. Some believe that you might not be fully recovered but are able to resist the temptation. Let us tell you that this myth is just that – a myth. The truth is that addiction is the type of disease that requires constant care and attention. Otherwise, you run the risk of going into the real world too soon and falling into temptation.

As a rehab center Wilkes Barre PA residents love, we know that it takes a lot of care post-rehab for a person to remain sober. That’s why we put our sober living facilities in Pennsylvania at your disposal. They provide a recovering addict with a chance to integrate back into society at a comfortable pace. For starters, our Shane’s House residents are the people who are dealing with the same problem. Thus, they will have a complete understanding of what you are going through. It’s going to be in their favor to engage in sober activities, as well. Secondly, they will most likely, have the best intentions when it comes to your situation. They know how difficult it is to recover from drug or alcohol use. Thus, they are going to have your back and be your biggest cheerleaders.

Your stay in our sober living facilities doesn’t have to be a long one. Ultimately, you are the one who decides when you are ready to face the real world. Until that happens, know that you have our complete support that you can receive through therapy and sober living facilities.

People holding hands.
All the support you will get is quite possibly the biggest benefit of spending some time in our Shane’s House.

Little Creek promotes full recovery through the integration of healthy coping mechanisms

Relapse is one of the main things you need to worry about after leaving our drug rehab Wilkes Barre PA treatment center. In fact, it might be THE most important thing. The good news is that staying sober long after you leave our treatment facility is a possibility. To make it possible, you need to focus on learning healthy coping skills and integrating them into your daily life. Our therapists are well aware of how difficult it is to deal with life after rehab, which is why we focus on teaching and demonstrating these essential skills. Of course, it will be up to you to nurture them and consciously work on having the right kind of lifestyle after leaving our treatment facility.

The bottom line

When in need of a rehab Wilkes Barre PA facility that can cater to your many needs during recovery, don’t hesitate to contact us. We here at Little Creek Recovery have all the tools that are necessary to help our clients reach long-term sobriety and happiness. With the help of our experienced experts and recovery specialists, we’ll ensure that you go through withdrawal as smoothly as possible. Addiction recovery can never be a comfortable and easy process, but it can be managed once you put your trust in the right team. Little Creek Recovery is at your full disposal for help and advisement.

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