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person pondering whether complete recovery after substance abuse in PA is possible

Is Complete Recovery After Substance Abuse In PA Possible?

Over 22 million people in the U.S. suffer from active substance use disorders every year. Furthermore, 23 million people are…

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old bottles, showcasing the dangers of improper substance detoxification in PA

The Dangers of Improper Substance Detoxification in PA

Having an excessive amount of toxins in your body can cause significant health issues. By abusing or getting in touch…

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Photo of a homeless person looking towards a group of people as a featured image for post about homelessness and substance abuse

Homelessness and Substance Abuse in PA: The Connection and Data to Be Aware Of

Even in the most rural regions in the United States, homelessness is a serious problem. Over 15,000 people in Pennsylvania…

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How To Recognize a Substance Use Disorder

How To Recognize a Substance Use Disorder

It’s not always easy to tell if someone has a substance use disorder, especially because of shame and stigma. Some…

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Man coping with substance use disorders in military veterans.

Facts to Know About Substance Use Disorders in Military Veterans

Substance use disorder can affect anyone, regardless of age, race, or gender. Nonetheless, certain subgroups of the population are at…

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Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment

Arguably the most common reason why people take prescription drugs is to help relieve their pain. That’s why opioids, which…

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what's the difference between crack and cocaine

What’s the Difference Between Crack and Cocaine?

The difference between crack and cocaine is the way it is ingested through your bloodstream. Cocaine comes in different variations…

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Fentanyl Dangers

Fentanyl Dangers : What You Need to Know

Much like many other addictive drugs that plague our communities, Fentanyl is a dangerous synthetic opioid that can wreak havoc…

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12 Steps of Recovery

12 Steps of Recovery : Is This Right for Me?

You don’t have to be in recovery to know what a twelve-step program is. Created by Bill W. and Dr.…

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Fentanyl Patch: Accidental Exposure Deadly to Children

Fentanyl Patch: Accidental Exposure Deadly to Children

Accidental exposure to various forms of medication acts as a leading cause of poisoning in several children. In particular, young…

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