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what's the difference between crack and cocaine

What’s the Difference Between Crack and Cocaine?

The difference between crack and cocaine is the way it is ingested through your bloodstream. Cocaine comes in different variations…

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trazodone and alcohol

Dangers of Mixing Trazodone and Alcohol

Trazodone is a medication commonly prescribed in the United States. It is FDA-approved to treat depression but is often used…

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can you drink rubbing alcohol

Can You Drink Rubbing Alcohol? What Happens if You Do?

What Is Rubbing Alcohol? Isopropanol is most commonly discovered in rubbing alcohol, which is a solution that is typically composed…

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men's mental health stigma

Men’s Mental Health Stigma: A Critical Look

The stigma for men's mental health is often that men should be able to tough it out. That they shouldn't…

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difference between drug abuse and addiction

The Difference Between Drug Abuse and Addiction

Addiction affects millions of people daily, but, no one has the same backstory about how they reached that point. It’s…

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men in recovery

Men in Recovery: What Makes Them More Vulnerable to Addiction

The data on substance abuse and sobriety struggles for men in recovery tell a story of tragic truth. According to…

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Fentanyl Patch: Accidental Exposure Deadly to Children

Fentanyl Patch: Accidental Exposure Deadly to Children

Accidental exposure to various forms of medication acts as a leading cause of poisoning in several children. In particular, young…

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Remove term: genetics and substance abuse genetics and substance abuse

Genetics and Substance Abuse: What is the Link?

Have you ever been told that you look just like your mom or your dad? Or maybe someone has told…

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commonly abused prescription drugs

Most Commonly Abused Prescription Drugs

Every year, millions of prescription drugs are prescribed for various medical conditions. While many medications help alleviate pain or help…

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anger and alcoholism

Anger and Alcoholism: What You Don’t Know, But Should

While many people use alcohol as a way to unwind and relax after a tough day, or as a way…

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