What to Pack for Addiction Treatment

Little Creek Lodge is a rehab center that provides inpatient addiction treatment for men only. It also provides co-ed outpatient addiction treatment services. Little Creek Lodge is located in Northeast Pennsylvania. The type of clothing that addiction treatment patients will need to attend rehab at Little Creek Lodge in Pennsylvania will depend on the season. Regardless, all men attending inpatient rehab at Little Creek Lodge will gain drug addiction awareness as they venture through the steps of recovery. 

Approved Items to Bring to Rehab At Little Creek Lodge

When a person attends inpatient rehab for the first time, he or she likely doesn’t know what to pack. This is especially true since rehab centers often have restrictions on what people can or cannot bring with them to treatment. It also doesn’t help that inpatient addiction treatment lasts for anywhere from 30 days to a year. Because inpatient rehab is so long, many people may want to bring the whole world with them. While this may seem like a solution to determining what to bring to rehab, it isn’t. 


Because inpatient rehab centers know that their patients will be living at the rehab facility for anywhere from 30 days to a year, most inpatient rehab centers such as Little Creek offer the basic amenities to their patients. That way patients can clean and upkeep their clothes and items while venturing through the steps of recovery. 


Approved items to bring to rehab at Little Creek include:

  • Two weeks of casual attire including jeans, shirts, socks, underwear, jackets, rain gear, robe, pajamas and slippers, swimwear, fitness wear
  • Shower shoes, shower bag with personal toiletries (non-alcoholic creams and lotions)
  • Alarm clock
  • Sneakers or casual shoes
  • Sturdy shoes or hiking boots (good soles with traction)
  • River shoes/waterproof sandals with secure footing (optional) 
  • Gloves and backpack (for adventure treks)
  • Cell (Trac) phones, but no smartphones or internet-capable communication devices.
  • iPod Shuffles or other MP3 players without screens
  • Identification cards and insurance card
  • Music equipment if applicable
  • Juul (or any electronic cigarettes/vaporizer)

Clothing For Rehab

When it comes to the specific types of jeans, shirts, undergarments, overgarments, etc. that individuals bring to rehab, try to bring clothes that are comfortable and functional. Rehab is not the place to focus on making a fashion statement. At addiction treatment centers such as Little Creek, it’s important that the focus remains on drug addiction awareness and getting through the steps of recovery—not on one another’s fashion. 

Also, it’s best that the clothing that patients bring to inpatient rehab are items that can be easily switched out and paired with one another. For example, some solid pairs of jeans or neutral-colored slacks and some basic t-shirts, button-downs, or polos would be great clothing options for rehab. 

Therefore, new outfits can be created with fewer clothing items. This will make it so that rehab patients won’t have to pack as much clothing for rehab. 

Although this is usually not as much of a problem with men as it is with women, it’s important to note that individuals attending rehab at Little Creek shouldn’t bring clothes that are too risky or revealing. Such clothing items can act as a distraction from addiction awareness and overcoming addiction through the steps of recovery.  


Other Rehab Essentials

Outside of the basic list of approved items to bring to rehab at Little Creek Recovery, there are other essentials that all inpatient rehab residents will need to bring with them. 

Contact Information to Support Network


Every individual attending inpatient rehab should put together a support network that’s filled with people that they can lean on and be vulnerable with whenever they are struggling to maintain their sobriety. While in inpatient rehab, it’s also important to bring the contact information to each individual within one’s support network. 


That way if rehab patients ever get overwhelmed during addiction treatment and feel that they need someone close to them to talk to, they can contact their support group members. For safety reasons, it’s also important to bring the contact information to your emergency contacts to inpatient rehab. 


Knowing that one’s support network and emergency contacts are just a phone call or drive away can help rehab patients relax and focus on the steps of recovery.


Approved Prescription Medication

Any incoming Little Creek inpatient addiction treatment patient should make sure that any necessary prescription medications that they need get pre-approved. If they do, then they can come along with rehab patients as long as they are truly necessary, approved, and sealed. Also, make sure that the right dosage is taken of any prescription medication at all times.

Payment for Treatment

Rehab isn’t free, especially inpatient rehab. Therefore, it’s important to save up money to attend addiction treatment. The most cost-efficient way to pay for rehab is through health insurance. Therefore, before attending rehab, discover how much of the cost of your addiction treatment program that your health insurance will cover. Once that’s done, individuals can decipher how much they will end up having to pay out-of-pocket for rehab. 

Regardless of how a person pays for rehab, it needs to get done. Therefore, it’s best to make sure that you have the money to cover the cost of rehab before coming to attend.

Personal Items

All individuals can bring their necessary personal items, such as lotions, soaps, body washes, toothpaste, shaving cream, shower shoes, etc. Just make sure that none of the personal items that you bring contain alcohol in them. Also, make sure that all of the personal items that you choose to bring to rehab are the ones that are absolutely necessary. 


When it comes to technology, Little Creek Lodge Residential patients can bring their cell phones although they will not have access until approved by their counselor, iPods or MP3 players without screens, disposable electronic cigarettes, and music equipment if possible.


Music equipment is a particularly good item to bring to inpatient rehab here at Little Creek Lodge. This is because Little Creek provides inpatient rehab members with music therapy and a music studio that contestants can record in. 

While many people may associate music and drugs, the two don’t need to coincide. In fact, when used properly, music can act as a form of addiction therapy. 

Pack for Rehab Properly At Little Creek Recovery

Little Creek Recovery is an addiction treatment center that specializes in rehab for men. Thus, we here at Little Creek provide inpatient rehab only for our male patients. At Little Creek Recovery Center Pennsylvania, you have the time to discover who you are while learning how to love yourself and be loved by others. You learn how to form intimate relationships and have fun while engaging in a sober lifestyle.Take the first step towards a healthier life

let Little Creek Recovery Center guide you down the right path to recovery, personal growth, and long-term sobriety.

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