Ways to Help a Loved One Join a Rehab Center in Pennsylvania

Seeing someone that you love struggle with a problem as serious as addiction can be scary. The last thing you want is for them to face any insurmountable hardships that could affect the rest of their life. That’s why we understand your need to help out – but there is a right and wrong way to go about this. When trying to help a loved one join a rehab center in Pennsylvania, you will actually need to be very cautious and patient. We here at Little Creek Recovery know how people should treat their loved one who is struggling with alcohol or drug addiction. And we are more than happy to share some of our best tips with you.

Can you persuade someone to go into rehab?

The answer to this question is a lot more complex than a simple yes or no. It’s only natural that you will go above and beyond to try and get your loved one into drug or alcohol treatment in Pennsylvania. And we are by all means suggesting that you take all the necessary actions to try and make that happen. However, you must remember that while you can try to influence their decision, it’s ultimately up to them to make the final call. If you want to help a loved one join a rehab center in Pennsylvania without them asking for help, here’s what you should do.

A black and white photo of a couple holding hands.
You can hold your loved one’s hand during rehab, but they first need to admit that they need some help.

Pick a date and time for a warm intervention

You already knew that we were going to suggest having an intervention. But you need to know a lot more than that in order to help a loved one see the error of their ways. For starters, you need to choose the best timing, as that’s the only way to provide yourself with any chance for success. The right time to talk to the person you love about their addiction is when they are sober. If they are under the influence, they will be much less likely to listen to your input and suggestions.

Secondly, you need to be very careful when you choose to have a conversation about alcohol or heroin treatment centers in Pennsylvania. The right moment is not only when they are sober, but also when the two of you are alone. For example, having a conversation about addiction during Thanksgiving dinner is probably the worst moment to have an intervention. Your loved one will feel cornered and attacked, and you will be completely counterproductive.

On the other hand, if you decide to talk to them when they are sober with only the two of you in the room, you might even manage to convince them to go into rehab. But to get to that moment when a person willingly admits themselves into rehab, you’ll have to come prepared for the long conversation that’s ahead.

Prepare yourself to help a loved one join a rehab center in Pennsylvania

There’s no way to know how the conversation is going to go. After all, addiction is unpredictable, and a lot could happen during your talk. But you can, however, think about your opening lines. The worst thing you can do is begin this conversation with accusations. If you want to see them settled in cocaine rehab in Pennsylvania, you can’t begin the talk with demands and reproaches.

Two women talking how to help a loved one join a rehab center in Pennsylvania over coffee.
You can’t plan out every word that’s going to come out of your mouth. But you can prepare the opening lines.

Your loved one is their own person, which is why they can make their own decisions. Prepare yourself ahead of time by thinking about how to make the things that you want to say come out in a loving manner. If your friend, partner, or family member senses that you are genuinely worried about their well-being, plus you show understanding, they might accept that they need help.

Another thing that’s very important during this conversation is remembering that you need to listen to them. They might decide to open up to you at some point in the conversation. It’s very important not to interrupt them if they start sharing their feelings and problems. This is the moment to show your full support, and we recommend that you use every second of it.

Bring in a professional

The first thing you should remember about your intervention is that it might fail. A significant number of these interventions end with no success. We are sure that a small defeat is not going to stop you from trying to help your loved one. That’s why you should take it one step further and bring in a professional. Whether they work in an alcohol or marijuana addiction center in Pennsylvania isn’t what’s important. The important thing is to bring in an expert who knows how addiction is treated and is experienced in getting people to admit that they have a problem.

Bear in mind that this step isn’t a guarantee that your loved one will admit themselves to rehab. It goes without saying that your chances of success will be higher with a professional next to you. But just be prepared that everything might not work out right away.

How to help a loved one join a rehab center in Pennsylvania if they ask for help

This would be the ideal scenario. Unfortunately, at the same time, this isn’t the most common scenario. Should you be lucky enough for your loved one to come to you and admit that they need help, it will be much easier to make the right moves. Here’s what we suggest you do when your loved one is depending on you for help and guidance.

A couple sitting in front of a building.
If your loved one has come to you for help – congratulations. The road in front of you will be much easier.

Be calm, non-judgmental, and aware

There’s a good chance that you might not have realized that your loved one was struggling with substance abuse. If that’s the case, then you will probably be shocked once they break the news to you. We can’t tell you how important it is to remain calm once you find yourself in this situation. Likewise, it’s just as important to be non-judgmental, as addiction is a disease – it’s usually not something one chooses.

We would also like to add that you need to be aware. Understand that you can’t help your loved one kick their addiction by yourself. It takes a lot of therapy, counseling, and even US Food and Drug Administration-approved medications to stop using illegal substances. Everything will be much easier once you understand what needs to be done.

Help them search for the best rehab centers in Pennsylvania

While you are not a licensed professional who knows how to get a person through addiction and withdrawal, you are certainly someone who has your loved one’s best interest in mind. That’s why you can help a loved one join a rehab center in Pennsylvania by searching for the best treatment options. There are two possibilities.

A man searching for ways to help a loved one join a rehab center in Pennsylvania on a laptop.
You can find a few treatment options that you think could be a good match and pitch them to your loved one.

One, your friend, partner, or family member could have so much faith in you that they let you choose the best treatment center without their input. And, two, they could ask you to join in on the search. The good news is that Pennsylvania offers a lot of rehab facilities that can provide your loved one with different treatment plans. From men’s residential treatment in PA to outpatient programs, you can rest assured that your loved one will get the best care.

Offer your help every step of the way

Every person is different, which is why everyone will struggle with different things when going through addiction. Some people will feel uncomfortable calling different therapists and scheduling their appointments. Others will not feel comfortable visiting different rehab facilities and choosing the best one for their needs. If you really want to help a loved one join a rehab center in Pennsylvania, then you will have to put yourself at their full disposal. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have a life of your own or that you should clear your schedule. It just means that you can explain when you are free and that you would be happy to spend that time helping them out.

But you need to remember that you shouldn’t do anything without the other person asking for help. It would be very controlling if you take it upon yourself to start calling their therapist or counselor and making appointments. It would also be less than ideal to sit next to them while they are on the phone with their therapist if this isn’t something they have asked of you. We know that family involvement during rehab is important – but it can also be counterproductive if not done right.

Two girls holding hands.
Your support will mean everything, and it will help get your friend, partner, or family member through addiction.

Be on the lookout for any signs of relapse

Getting your loved one into a rehab center in Pennsylvania is great. But that’s hardly where your job ends. Since now you know that your loved one is suffering from addiction, it would be wise to monitor them for any signs of relapse. A person who is relapsing will oftentimes exhibit certain signs, including:

  • Re-associating with their old group
  • Glorifying the days when they were abusing drugs or alcohol
  • Borrowing, stealing, or irrationally spending money
  • Altered physical appearance, as they might start neglecting their personal hygiene
  • Getting into fights with their friends, co-workers, or family members
  • Alienating themselves from social gatherings
  • Avoiding their favorite activities
  • Falling back on work and/or school
  • Physical signs, such as dilated pupils, bloodshot eyes, and syringe marks

Now, don’t get us wrong. Not every bad moment or a fight with another person will be a sign that your loved one is relapsing. They might just be going through an occasional bad period like all of us. However, if you notice a few of these symptoms and if they persist for longer than a week, then that’s a good indicator that your loved one is relapsing.

Rolled up dollar bills.
Money problems when coupled with altered behavior oftentimes indicate that a person has relapsed.

Relapse isn’t the end of the journey, though. In fact, many recovering addicts will relapse, after which they will get back on their feet and remain sober for the rest of their lives. But for that to happen, your loved one will need to seek additional treatment quickly. So if you notice that someone you care about has relapsed, it would be wise to help them seek care right away. Acting promptly will provide one with the greatest chances of success when it comes to addiction.

You will need plenty of patience to help a loved one join a rehab center in Pennsylvania

Patience is the one thing you will need to have in spades whether your loved one has asked for help or not. People suffering from addiction are very sensitive, and even a minor mistake from you could be enough for them to reach their breaking point. That’s why you will need to treat your loved one with plenty of love, affection, and understanding. Ultimately, you will need to have a  lot of patience for some possible setbacks and outbursts. But if you really want to help a loved one join a rehab center in Pennsylvania and see them recover, we know that you won’t have a problem with this. After all, your friend, partner, or family member is worth all the trouble.

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