Types of Interventions

Because every individual recovery is different, there are several unique intervention approaches to consider when making this important decision. Little Creek Recovery understands all intervention methods are unique to each individual’s success. intervention isn’t just one size fits all therapy. That’s why several individualized types of interventions ensure the entire process is based on family and individual needs.

Choosing the right types of intervention for everyone involved, including the family, is vital to magnify its effectiveness on the struggling party. Only you know your loved one enough to know which unique approach is the correct one. With your guidance, a trained specialist can provide the most successful types of interventions based on your collective understanding. These types of interventions can be your blueprint to providing a happier future for your struggling loved one in sobriety.

Intervention Method 1: Basic Intervention

The most basic interventions center around a direct means of confronting the addicted party in a friendly one-on-one manner. For some, the loving words of a 3rd party help an abuser come to terms with the problem. The addicted party sometimes doesn’t realize their actions and how they affect others until a loved one brings them up. Though confronting a loved one can be difficult, it can be the eye-opening experience they need to make a change.

Intervention Method 2: Family Intervention

Family intervention is among the most commonly used types of interventions used. Nothing helps a struggling party face their struggle head-on than the loving words and support of family members voicing their concerns. Impact statements are prepared by various family members to help the struggling party understand their addiction affects others around them. This is especially necessary since the substance abuser is often oblivious of the impact their struggles and actions affect others. 

Through family-based interventions, you and your struggling family member or members can band together to resolve a life-threatening addiction. An overlooked bi-product of family interventions is the opportunity to mend and grow family relationships that may have otherwise been unmendable.

Intervention Method 3: Emergency Intervention

Emergency interventions are one of the last resort types of interventions. When the addiction becomes a fatal threat to their or others’ lives, emergency interventions become necessary to prevent fatal outcomes. This approach is adopted when all other types of interventions and therapy suggestions have been disregarded by the struggling party.

Intervention Method 4: Classic Intervention

This intervention approach is intended to provide therapy and counseling for all affected parties except the addicted. Addiction not only affects the abuser, but it can affect the emotions and well-being of those closest to the addicted. That’s why individual counsel and therapy are used to prepare the family before confronting the addicted party. Equipped with classic intervention methods, you can address your loved one’s issues in a lovingly effective manner.

What Exactly is an Intervention?

Intervention is a rehab method arranged by family, friends, and doctors to confront the abuser with an addiction they refuse to acknowledge. Statements and concerns by friends, family, and other loved ones are voiced to the abuser. These statements are intended to help the abuser put their struggles in perspective. Hearing loved ones express how addiction has affected the family and the abuser can enlighten the addicted party. Sometimes an addiction requires family and friends to act on behalf of the well-being of the addicted to resolve life-threatening outcomes.

What Are Some Effective Intervention Rehab Treatments?

Intervention is more than just about family and friends confronting the addicted; correct intervention methods present rehab solutions. Here are but a few of the most effective treatment solutions all types of interventions provide

CBT Treatment

CBT or cognitive-behavioral therapy intervention therapies attack the traumatic source that may have led to a substance abuse problem. If you believe your loved one’s addiction struggles stem from a traumatic experience or experiences, this is likely the therapy for you.

In this process, doctors conduct a series of sessions that are scientifically designed to train the abuser how to reprocess their traumatic experiences. Whether it was a childhood or adult experience, these sessions are sure to enlighten the abuser and the family in a way that can bring you all closer together. These types of interventions enable an individual to handle future trauma in a clear mindset regardless of what life may bring.

Eye-Movement Desensitization Reprocessing Treatment

EMDR is just a fancy way of saying doctors train the addicted party to process substance cravings and coinciding traumatic memories. As too good to be true as this sounds, science has proven a connection between specific eye patterns that trigger cravings and traumatic events. Through a sequence of sessions, a specialist will administer specific eye patterns that trigger these cravings. 

During these repetitive eye movements, your doctor can remove the desirable craving through individual mental training. The greatest leisure this therapy provides is the sense of sheer relaxation and calmness reported by EMDR patients. This is among the most relieving rehab options available.

Arts and Activities Treatment

This treatment option allows the addicted party to replace their addictive indulgence with productive habits. Whether it’s getting employment or taking up a hobby, a doctor can assist in replacing those addictive thoughts with activities you enjoy.

Take Action Now

All types of interventions are necessary actions when it comes to maintaining the safety and sobriety of a loved one. Any of these family-friendly types of interventions and treatments could be the turning point in your loved one’s addiction struggle. Allow Little Creek Recovery to show you that recovery is possible. The start of your joyful rehab journey together as a family is just a call away.



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