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A Shift from Containment in the Recovery Process

 In Recovery Process

To a non-addict, the drug and alcohol addiction recovery process probably looks like this: an addict hits “rock bottom” and decides to make a change, or someone in that addict’s life – a loved one, an employer, even the justice system – makes the decision for him. For the next 28 days, he lives at an addiction rehabilitation center, where he is evaluated by doctors, and allowed to detox. He/she will attend individual and group counseling sessions.

For many of us who have struggled with addiction, 28 days is not enough time to rediscover who we are, or to break the cycle of using, and so long-term care is necessary. Traditional models for long-term recovery programs are based on containment: keep the addict contained in the rehab center with little to no access to the outside world until he is ready for a different level of care.

Little Creek provides the extention that was always needed in the treatment industry to insure a better outcome and long tewrm sobriety.  Restricting access to the outside world may be necessary in the beginning stages of recovery, as the body detoxes and becomes adjusted to life without drugs or alcohol.

Reengagement is a critical part of recovery

One of the key goals of Little Creek is to help young men reorient themselves with the world, and to learn how to be a part of the whole while living sober. To do that, we had to move past containment, and into reengagement. After all, so many of us have tried the traditional methods over and over again, and they just didn’t work. We knew there was a need for a new way – and that’s what we created.

The resident will experience , empowerment, fear, sadness, optimism and love, all in a safe and sober environment. We can bond over the music we love, and have shared experiences with other people.

The benefits of physical activity and fresh air are numerous and well-documented, but the connection to nature, and the mindfulness that it brings, has added benefits, too. Part of the 12-Step program is believing in a Power greater than ourselves – and there is nothing more powerful than the natural world. Recognizing our part of this world, and building a relationship to it and all its parts, allows all of us to experience relationships with others more fully.

Those relationships with others are the finals pieces of the pie, and what sets Little Creek apart from other facilities. Rather than contain our residents, we ask them to reengage. We have created a sober community here in northeast Pennsylvania that can offer support to the men undergoing in-patient and out-patient treatment. Our residents are empowered to build these friendships, and to turn to one another in their times of need. In turn, those who have completed the program are there to support one another, and to help each other through the hard times.

The clinical model of containment worlds for detox, but it doesn’t always help addicts when the 28 days are up. By focusing on spiritual growth, a connection to music and the arts, and reengagement with the natural world, we have found a model that does something vastly different than other programs, and encourages young men to grab ahold of their new lives.

Little Creek Lodge offers comprehensive clinical care combined with recreational therapies, to provide a holistic approach to the drug and alcohol recovery process. Please call 877-689-2644, or fill out our contact form, to learn more about our process and our services. We are a family owned and operated treatment center located in Northeast Pennsylvania, and we accept applications from around the country.

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