A Shift From Containment In Addiction Recovery Steps

To a non-addict, the drug and alcohol addiction recovery process probably look like this: an addict hits “rock bottom” and decides to make a change or someone in that addict’s life – a loved one, an employer, or even the justice system – makes the decision to change for him or her. Then, for the next 28 days, the person suffering from addiction lives at a rehabilitation center. This is where they are evaluated by doctors and allowed to detox. The person with the addiction will then attend individual and group counseling sessions. He or she will also go through the addiction recovery steps until he or she is ready to leave treatment and function independently again in the real world.

Why Re-Engagement Is Better Than Containment During Inpatient Treatment

Reengagement is a Critical Part of Recovery28 days is not enough time to rediscover who we are or to break the cycle of using.  That’s why long-term addiction treatment that lasts much longer than 28 days is necessary. 

Traditional models for long-term recovery programs are based on containment: keep the addict contained in the rehab center with little to no access to the outside world until they are ready for a different level of care. That way, the person suffering from addiction can remain sober while attending rehab and focus solely on recovery. 

Using containment as a strategy to help people suffering from addiction receive long-term treatment is effective. This strategy to addiction treatment has its pitfalls. For example, individuals that are constantly contained inside a rehab facility during long-term addiction treatment may not be equipped to immediately take on the full stress and temptations that come with being back in society.  As a result, some individuals that receive long-term addiction treatment end up relapsing. That’s why we here at Little Creek Recovery are shifting a bit away from the containment method for long-term addiction treatment. 

Here at Little Creek, we provide the extension that the treatment industry needs to ensure a better outcome and long-term sobriety for rehab patients.  Restricting access to the outside world may be necessary during the beginning stages of recovery. This is because the body detoxes and becomes adjusted to life without drugs or alcohol. Containment isn’t necessary for the later stages of recovery though. 

During the later stages of recovery, it’s best for rehab patients to receive some level of social interaction outside of what’s provided in their standard addiction treatment programs. That way they can more easily transition back into the real world after inpatient treatment is over. 

Reengagement Is A Critical Part Of Recovery

Little Creek Recovery is an addiction treatment center that specializes in treating men. One of our goals here at Little Creek is to help young men reorient themselves with the world. That way our male patients can learn how to be a part of the whole of society while maintaining their sobriety. 

To achieve our goal, we had to move past the rehab method of containment and into the method of re-engagement. After all, so many of us have tried the traditional rehab methods over and over again, and they just didn’t work. We knew there was a need for a new way – and that’s what we created.

We’ve set up our rehab facility here at Little Creek in a way that functions as a sober community. Thus, with our new re-engagement rehab method, our male residents can actively engage with one another and others in and near the sober community in ways that are similar to how they would engage with individuals if they were fully immersed back in society. 

Through re-engagement, our inpatient male residents will be able to have interactions with others. These interactions will cause our inpatient residents to feel a wide range of emotions. Thus, our male residents can feel everything from empowered to fearful, to sad, optimistic, and loved all in a safe and sober environment. 

Utilizing Music Therapy To Re-Engage With Others During Addiction Recovery

Re-Engaging With Nature While in Addiction RecoveryThere are various different tools that we give our patients to help them better re-engage with others in regular society while in recovery. Some of these tools include the ability to play, create, and understand music. This is because we here at Little Creek specialize in music therapy

Here at Little Creek, we recognize that music is a universal language. Thus, it’s something that different people can bond and share experiences over. 

Playing, creating, and listening to music are also great ways for people to cope with their addiction triggers while in recovery. In other words, music can provide people with the addiction recovery steps that they need to sustain sobriety long-term.

Re-Engaging With Nature While In Addiction Recovery

The benefits of physical activity and fresh air are numerous and well-documented. For example, spending time in nature can help make people more mindful. 

Spending time in nature can help enlighten people. It can also act as a form of re-engagement that increases a person’s addiction recovery steps. In fact, part of the 12-Step program is believing in a power that’s greater than ourselves. For many people, such power is only found in nature. 

Recognizing our part of this world and building a relationship with it and all its parts allow all of us to experience relationships with others more fully. This is because spending time in nature helps people better connect with themselves, which, in turn, makes it easier to connect with others. Practicing one’s connection skills by connecting with nature also makes it easier to connect with other people. 

Re-Engagement At Little Creek Recovery

Benefits of Focusing on Spiritual GrowthThe fact that we utilize the rehab method of re-engagement rather than containment sets us apart from other rehab facilities. For example, due to the use of the re-engagement method, we here at Little Creek in northeast Pennsylvania (PA) have created a sober community that can help people progress in their addiction recovery steps. 

Due to the friendships that our residents establish through our sober community, they can also build upon their individual support groups. That way current and past Little Creek rehab residents can turn to one another in their times of need. 

Benefits of Focusing On Spiritual Growth, Art And Music Therapy, And Re-engagement Rather Than Containment

The clinical model of containment works for detox. It doesn’t always help addicts when the standard 28 days of addiction treatment are up though. 

By focusing on spiritual growth, a connection to music and the arts, and re-engagement with the natural world though, we here at Little Creek have a treatment model that does something vastly different than the ones that other rehab programs at other rehab facilities use. Focusing on personal growth and re-engagement encourages young men to grab a hold of their new lives.

Progress In Your Addiction Recovery Steps Here At Little Creek Recovery

We here at Little Creek Lodge offer comprehensive clinical care combined with recreational therapies. That way we can incorporate holistic treatment into our drug and alcohol addiction recovery steps. 

To make the most out of our re-engaging steps to recovery in PA, contact us. To do so, you can give us a call or fill out our contact form on our website. That way someone here at Little Creek can teach you more about our process and our services. 

Little Creek Recovery is a family-owned and operated treatment center located in Northeast Pennsylvania. Here at Little Creek, we offer inpatient addiction treatment for men only. Our outpatient addiction treatment programs and services are co-ed though. Therefore, everyone can take advantage of our rehab services here at Little Creek, just in different ways.  

We here at Little Creek Recovery accept addiction treatment applications from around the country. Therefore, you can always receive the addiction treatment help that you need here at Little Creek.

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