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Making Music In Recovery – Sparking the Creative Process.

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Making Music In Recovery
Music is the universal language of mankind” – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Sparking the creative process without the use of drugs or alcohol is a very important step in early recovery. Restarting the imagination takes internal motivation, work, and coaching.
One of the by-products of addiction is poor self-expression. Coming out of this thought pattern is difficult, so discussion and encouragement are needed to begin the process of playing or writing music. Playing music in a healthy environment is a new experience, and practicing self-expression while allowing thoughts to flow freely without fear can feel quite foreign at first.
At Little Creek Lodge in Pennsylvania, we encourage and support residents in their creative endeavors, and help them on their quest to find their voice. Our music studio offers a fun and unique way to create something beautiful and meaningful, in a safe and secure environment.
Our residents are encouraged to try new things, and to experience the joys – and frustrations – that come with the creative process without using drugs.
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Andy Pace

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