Illegal Drugs That Cause Weight Loss: Spotting The Signs

illegal drugs that cause weight loss

The majority of what one would define as ‘harder’ drugs leave their mark in numerous ways. One of these marks is an unhealthy drop in weight. Illegal drugs that cause weight loss are the substances that are most harmful to your body. Significant weight loss is among the greatest tell-tale signs of substance abuse.

If you notice any of the telling signs detailed below in yourself or a loved one, don’t hesitate to take action. Your actions can mean the difference between a long and healthy life or an unfortunate early end to a promising future. Here are the primary indicators that substance abuse is the reason for one’s sudden weight loss.

How Does Substance Abuse Make You Lose Weight?

Illegal drugs cause weight loss that disrupts your body’s metabolism. This is because the metabolic process is distorted by the unnatural chemicals present in the body following drug or alcohol use. 

The job of your metabolic process simply is to process and store food and beverages. Especially in the case of alcohol consumption, the body’s inability to store controlled substances causes adverse effects on how it is digested. Therefore, it is processed too rapidly and quickly expunged from the body in some form. 

If you or someone you care about has or is hiding a drug problem, take notice of the signs you can see. Most Illegal drugs that cause weight loss make substance abuse glaringly evident in appearance. How these alcohol and drug-related chemicals interact with your body’s chemistry can alter and even age your appearance drastically. These physical and chemical alterations are as equally unhealthy as they are dangerous.

Which Drugs Affect Weight Change?


Excessive weight gain or weight loss is often associated with opiates. These contrary effects are due to the different impacts opioids have on individual brain functions. Opioids cause irregular chemical changes in the brain that trigger either weight loss or weight gain. However, severe weight loss is more commonly connected to these drugs because of their psychological effects on appetite suppression. Though not illegal, drugs that cause weight loss often come in the form of these opiates that are prescribed. This can make these OTC drugs intended to treat chronic pain easy to manipulate with how easy they are to obtain in local pharmacies.


“Uppers” or stimulants accelerate metabolic rate to a degree that causes significant weight loss. Cocaine and amphetamines are a couple of examples of stimulants. Since uppers speed up the metabolic process, the body cannot effectively store many nutrients correctly. Such stimulants, especially in cases of cocaine-induced weight loss, are made evident in pale and skinny features. Illegal street drugs that cause weight loss are very easy to determine in the signs provided. Identifying and acting upon these facial signals of drug use could save a friend or loved one from personal destruction.

Not only do uppers lead to unhealthy weight loss, but also are the main contributor to numerous physical and mental health defects. Little Creek Recovery can help you quench stronghold cravings, expelling these dangerous stimulants, whilst reversing physical and mental toll.


Unlike most illegal drugs that cause weight loss, alcohol more commonly contributes to excessive weight gain. Alcohol, in rare cases, can have as equally harmful weight loss effects in some. These significant weight changes can be a red flag of alcohol-induced weight gain or loss. 

Since alcohol is a legal ‘drug’, it makes it even more dangerous as it is available in most convenience stores and supermarkets. This allows alcoholism to be indulged without suppression or monitoring.

What Are The Dangers Of Drug-induced Weight Loss?

Brain Chemical Alterations

Chemicals in these foreign substances literally invade your brain and alter its genetic makeup. These chemical alterations include appetite suppression, brainwave inhibition, and reduced cognitive function. The chemical interaction between brain cells and drugs has both direct and indirect consequences on your body mass. 

Vital Organ inhibition

Because substance abuse introduces your body to unnatural and unprocessable levels of foreign chemicals, your vital organs take a beating. The high concentrations of substances in your system induce both short-term and long-term harm to your vital organs. The chemicals drugs introduce to your organs create both hormonal and enzyme imbalances that can cause permanent damage.

Metabolic Alterations

The previously mentioned points ultimately lead to significant weight change due to their adverse effects on the metabolic process. Brain and organ alterations that are vital for food and beverage processing, indirectly affect how your body stores and expels nutrients. In essence, substance abuse starves your body from processing the proper nutrients in the proper manner. This produces significant weight alterations that exhibit the tell-tale symptoms of illegal drugs that cause weight loss or weight gain.

What Is The Solution?

Meticulously Individualized treatment established by a caring medical professional is the key in your path to recovery. Every road to recovery requires is different and requires a unique process. That’s why Little Creek Recovery makes certain that your struggles with addiction are attacked from an efficient and personalized approach. 

Various individual care options are made available to you by Little Creek Recovery. These equally precise and effective treatments range from drug and alcohol detox programs to outpatient, residential, and partial hospitalization treatments.

 You’ve already taken that important first step in your solution by reading this article. The next step to a happy and healthy life is just a click or a call away. Your future is now in your hands. Contact Little Creek Recovery now to seize the opportunity that is being given to you.


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