Convalescence, is the gradual recovery of health and strength after an infectious disease or illness(Webster). The big book of Alcoholics Anonymous tells us that the family must realize even though the alcoholic is very much improved he or she is still convalescing. This can be an emotional roller coaster. Some of us see signs of a pink-cloud, spiritual intoxication, depression, anger, grief or apathy. The alcoholic is trying to make up for lost time and has great difficulty living in the moment and adjusting or accepting their new life. 

Alcohol and drug addiction has programmed the alcoholic for instant gratification. This leads to complete self centeredness, a value system corrupted and relationships drastically changed.

Recovery is a process for the alcoholic rather than a destination, and a process takes time. We don’t like that. We must allow God, AA and the people around us to guide us through our convalescence.

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Andy Pace

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