Benefits Of Choosing Gender-Specific Rehab in PA

Individuals can succumb to addiction regardless of age, gender, religion, or other factors. Yet, to give patients the best chance for a successful recovery, it’s best to go with a personalized treatment program. At the Little Creek Recovery Center in Lake Ariel, we create a detailed program best suited to the needs of each patient. We currently offer inpatient addiction treatment for men only, to provide patients with the best treatment. However, women can still participate in our co-ed outpatient treatment programs. Since we have experience with treating men for substance use disorder, we would like to discuss this subject further. We will examine the benefits of choosing gender-specific rehab in PA and what Little Creek can offer you.

How to Choose The Best Rehab Facility For Your Needs

Although there are many similarities between rehab programs of various treatment centers, choosing the right facility is far from easy. Unless you face a medical emergency and need immediate assistance, we suggest you do your due diligence. Research addiction treatment centers and find the perfect place for your recovery. Look for a facility whose values and message resonate with you. As we mentioned, Little Creek in Northeast PA offers inpatient treatment for men only.

We will cover the benefits of choosing gender-specific rehab in PA further down in this article. However, remember that one article can only cover so much. If you want more information on how we conduct treatment in Little Creek, feel free to browse our online resources.

On the other hand, you can contact us directly. We would love to explain everything to you over the phone and answer any questions you may have. Our staff can guide you through the admission process, regardless if you are inquiring about yourself or a loved one. We can help you determine if Little Creek Lodge in Pennsylvania is the best choice for your rehab. During our talk, we can go into more detail about what your treatment would look like. Keep in mind that there will be differences in treatment based on the substance and duration of use. Obviously, the sooner you seek treatment, the higher your chances of a successful recovery are. Therefore, we suggest that you don’t delay and get help now! Admitting you have a problem can be difficult, but we can help you overcome your addiction.

Man attending an all-male treatment in Little Creek.
Men feel more confident opening up in front of other men.

The Benefits of Choosing Gender-Specific Rehab in PA

Multiple scientific studies have examined how substance use and substance-related problems affect different genders. A variety of factors can cause differences in substance use. Most prominently, we have physiological differences, societal pressures, and expectations. Although clinicians are aware of these issues, we have found that patients prefer choosing gender-specific rehab in PA. Besides just patient preference, there are also objective benefits we need to consider as well.

  1. Addiction Doesn’t Affect Everyone The Same

Although addiction doesn’t discriminate, the substances individuals consume have different effects on men and women. Men are more likely to use illicit drugs and develop an addiction. When it comes to alcohol, men generally drink more and thus develop more alcohol-related complications. Even detoxification and clinically administered medication-assisted treatment in PA must follow different protocols due to physiological differences.

Unfortunately, societal pressures and expectations only further compound these issues. Men often feel overwhelmed by the expectations placed on them to fulfill specific roles in society. When they develop a substance use disorder, most men don’t think they can ask friends or loved ones for help. For this reason, we include Dialectical Behavioral Therapy skills training as part of our rehab program. DBT is intended to help patients cope with the negative emotions they are feeling.

Some patients suffering from addiction initially started using due to a co-occurring mental illness. Patients who suffer symptoms related to anxiety disorders are much more comfortable receiving EMDR therapy in gender-specific environments. Our clinicians will create a controlled environment where patients feel comfortable and safe.

  1. Patients Feel More Comfortable Opening Up To The Same Gender

Patients who undergo rehab need to deal with complex emotions that are hard to put into words. Individuals suffering from substance use disorder often struggle with fear, guilt, and shame. Patients in rehab often feel the burden of their past choices, and the fear of relapse is ever-present. Opening up takes a lot of time and soul searching. Patients can make progress through individual and group PA outpatient therapy sessions. Group therapy plays a pivotal role since it allows patients to begin therapy by just listening to others. Over time, the support individuals receive in therapy will prepare them to open up in front of the group. Confronting these emotions often results in powerful emotional breakdowns.

Unfortunately, many men have trouble opening up and talking about their feelings in mixed-gender groups. Of course, this isn’t a general rule that applies to every male patient, but the benefits of choosing gender-specific rehab in PA are real and measurable. Men won’t fear they will be seen as weak and will progress faster when taking part in men’s only rehab.

Choosing gender-specific rehab in PA will get you the best individual therapy.
Individual therapy is also different for men and women.
  1. There Are Fewer Distractions During Rehab

Individuals in rehab should use that time to focus on themselves. Whenever there are mixed gender groups, there is the possibility of romantic attraction. Regardless of how they may feel, patients in rehab are not emotionally prepared to start a relationship in rehab. Entering a relationship or even developing an attraction can hinder the progress of individuals through their rehab programs. Therefore, it’s advised to avoid entering into a relationship during rehab.

Most people are self-conscious around the people they like, which can make them less likely to open up. For this reason, our 3-stage clinical program at Little Creek Lodge is only available to adult males. The best time to enter into a romantic relationship is after patients have progressed in their therapy. It will take a lot of work before patients feel strong, confident, and self-sufficient. It is best if you use your time in therapy to empower yourself and become a well-rounded and sober person. There will be plenty of time for dating afterward.

  1. Therapy Can Be Better Adapted to the Needs of One Gender

One of the key benefits of choosing gender-specific rehab in PA is that we can adjust group therapy sessions to the group’s needs. In an all-male group, the participants can spend more time covering topics that are relevant to them. For example, the group can cover topics such as men’s role within a family or society. Those topics will engage all the participants in the group if it is a men-only group. Additionally, groups can be able to delve deeper into topics that may be triggering for female patients. The group can discuss dealing with anger management and addiction-fueled violent outbursts. Sadly, those topics are common triggers for female patients in recovery. Therefore, having separate groups for discussing difficult issues is advisable.

Of course, there are also differences in individual therapy sessions for men and women. The human body will process addictive substances differently based on body type, weight, and gender. These differences only get more pronounced with long-term drug and alcohol abuse. Our clinical staff has experience providing inpatient services to male patients, and they know the typical problems men face during recovery.

  1. The Risks and Causes of Relapse Aren’t The Same for Both Genders

Men generally start abusing addictive substances at a younger age and in larger quantities. When you couple those statistics with other societal factors, you can understand why men are more vulnerable to addiction. The same can be said about relapse, meaning clinicians must devise separate aftercare programs.

Another crucial thing to consider is that relapse triggers are also different based on gender. In general, a common relapse trigger for women could be problems in the relationship. On the other hand, men need to pay more attention to their mental health and co-occurring diseases. This stems from the fact that men are less likely to seek help, making them more vulnerable to relapse.

Man going hiking on a mountain during his rehab.
Outdoor adventures and physical fitness are important parts of your recovery.

What Does Gender-Specific Rehab in PA Look Like

We already mentioned that Little Creek Rehabilitation Center offers men-only inpatient treatment programs. This approach allowed us to focus on creating a healthy and supportive environment for adult males where they can recover. In our treatment programs, we focus on a 12-step rehabilitation philosophy, but we also include other methods of care. We base the additional therapeutic activities we include on the interests and needs of our patients. Since we have male-only residents, we have developed a program that includes physical fitness, exercise, and outdoor adventure. Let’s look at what you can expect by choosing gender-specific rehab in PA at the Little Creek Treatment Center.

  1. An Emphasis on Your Entire Well-being

We have developed a holistic program that caters to our patients’ entire well-being. For your rehab to be successful, focus your time in recovery on healing and getting better. However, unlike popular belief, this doesn’t only include detoxification and therapy. At Little Creek, we provide our patients with a packed schedule that fills up the entire day with engaging activities. Residents who complete inpatient rehab can transition to our sober living PA facility – Shane’s House. The sober living house is located on the same property as the main Little Creek Lodge. Here you can continue to build a strong foundation for your substance-free life.

  1. Focus on Building Up Your Body

Unfortunately, a commonly overlooked aspect of rehabilitation is caring for the patient’s body. Addiction can take a heavy toll on the health of a person who has been using for a prolonged time. One of the most drastic changes is the shift in brain chemistry. Luckily, most of the damage to your body and brain can be minimized and even reversed. The best way to get your body and brain working again is through physical exercise. An active body can help restore balance to your brain chemistry. Eating healthy and going to the gym can do wonders for patients in rehab. However, we believe in a more nature-oriented approach, and for patients in recovery, outdoor exercise can be particularly stimulating.

The natural patterns, sights, and sounds will stimulate your body and your brain. Spending time in the sun and breathing fresh air will help you reconnect with life on a larger scale. To make things more engaging, we offer patients an exciting outdoor adventure program with plenty of different activities. The evidence-based recreational activities our patients engage in have proven to be a highly effective treatment method. Besides personal growth and healthy healing, patients will experience improved self-esteem and self-efficacy.

Men playing music in gender-specific rehab center.
Working towards a mutual goal can be tremendously motivating.
  1. Music Therapy as a Way To Express Yourself

Art has a unique way of letting patients explore their complex feelings and emotions without needing verbal expression. For this purpose, we employ painting, drawing, and music therapy, which helps our patients re-discover their creativity. Little Creek has a fully equipped music studio, where our patients can jam out and even have recording sessions.

Participating in music therapy can also be a great bonding experience with other patients. You can set a common goal you want to achieve together, such as practicing for a song recording. Having a goal to strive towards can be incredibly motivating and beneficial to your recovery. Working together with others can also be a great way to test the social skills you’ve learned in therapy.

  1. The Importance of Camaraderie in Rehab

To maintain their sobriety, it is highly recommended that every patient creates a support group. Your support system can consist of family members and close friends that you can rely on when you are struggling. However, not everyone who enters rehab has that kind of support. Thankfully, you can make friends during your stay in Little Creek and start to build your support group.

One of the benefits of choosing gender-specific rehab in PA is that you can create meaningful and lasting friendships. Staying in our men’s residential treatment center in Pennsylvania and taking part in group therapy will give you many such opportunities. Since you are attending the same group therapy and experiencing similar withdrawal symptoms – forming friendships will be natural.

What many don’t realize is that the friends you make in rehab will be some of your closest and strongest supporters. While in rehab, you will listen to how others have overcome their fears. However, you can also be there to give them support and encouragement when they are feeling overwhelmed. Of course, they will do the same for you when you are struggling.

Choosing Gender-Specific Rehab in PA will let you make friends in therapy.
Your peers can offer you support and understanding.


Now that we have covered the most important benefits of choosing gender-specific rehab in PA, we hope you understand why we have decided to make the residential treatment in Little Creek available for men only. By devoting ourselves entirely to treating male patients, we can offer an exemplary level of care. Another important goal was to provide an environment free from distractions where patients can feel comfortable, safe, and supported. If you want to become a part of the Little Creek family, you can contact us for more information. We realize that asking for help requires courage, but it’s also the necessary first step on your road to recovery. Although addiction may sometimes feel hopeless, recovery is possible, and you can get better. All you need is the right environment and the help of trained specialists. Therefore, consider choosing our gender-specific rehab in PA for men.

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