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The Journey of a Thousand Miles
Begins with a Single Step

Why choose Little Creek Lodge for your recovery?

Little Creek Lodge gratefully retains the distinction of first state-licensed facility on the East Coast to adhere to the disease model of addiction, integrate clinical and recreational therapies, and comprehensively include our Residents’ families in the education and management of their recovery. Our small operating size affords us an intimacy and intricacy unparalleled in the field of addiction treatment – accordingly, we are uniquely outfitted to develop an individualized treatment plan that meets each Resident’s needs, goals, and place in the recovery process while pushing them to excel beyond what they believed to be possible. The most rewarding part of our work has been watching our alumni develop a sober community firmly planted here in Northeast PA that continues to grow through the bonds of sponsorship, employment, housing, and fellowship. To see those who have recovered return to the Lodge to pass on their hope to those who are just beginning is to watch the miracle of recovery take on a life of its own. We are merely here to help those in need make a beginning….

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