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Everything appears black or white

 In Daves' Corner

Daves’ Corner

For someone that suffers from addiction, it can be difficult to experience life without jumping to extreme conclusions. Everything appears black or white. After years of drug use, it can be challenging to approach situations without expecting any reward. Thinking something like, “why take the risk without any reward?” Addiction forces the sufferer as a host; taking and taking until the sufferer has spoiled himself or herself. I have worked with many young men who have either been given everything that has wanted or taken everything they have wanted. This sense of entitlement has dragged their families and other loved ones behind them in an effort to gain a temporary feeling of relief.

Upon entering treatment, these attitudes and habits remain intact. I have recently been asked, “What am I doing wrong?” A young man taking almost all of our suggestions from what I see; sponsorship, group participation, completing his treatment work, and he still has the urge to drink and use drugs. Recovery is not a check-list. Learning to live one day at a time comes with time and practice. Recovery requires patience and perseverance. Recovery includes this commitment to maintaining abstinence through the tough times as well as the good times. Sometimes, in the beginning, it can feel like you are holding on with a loosening grip.

Bill wrote, ” For if an alcoholic failed to perfect and enlarge his spiritual life through work and self-sacrifice for others he could survive the certain trials and low spots ahead.” It is through a regular and consistent effort every day in front of anyone. If we continue to live based on incentive; on what we can get back in return, we may be stuck in this feeling of discomfort for much longer than we have to. Our recovery can not always be measured by our feelings but it can be measured by our efforts.






-Dave K.

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